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Live Alone; Die Together

Jasper, Alabama; 1976: Eight year old Sawyer, who was then James Ford attends the funeral of his parents -- the mother who fell for a conman, and the father who fell for the con, learned the truth, killed his wife, then turned the gun on himself. Why don't these murder-suicide husbands ever skip the middle (wo)man? Sheeesh. After the caskets are loaded into the waiting hearses, wee Jimmy sits on the church stoop, fighting with a pen that's running out of ink as he tries to write his letter. JACOB appears and gives him a nice, new pen, which he tells him he can keep. They touch digits for a moment, while the pen changes hands. Jacob says, "I'm very sorry about your mother and father, James." With regret in his eyes, he smiles at the boy, and then leaves him there alone. James is soon joined by a man. We'll call him Doug because that's what he was named in the casting call. Doug tells "Jimmy" they have to get to the cemetery and then asks what he's writing. When the boy says, "Nothing," Doug grabs the notebook and reads:

Dear Mr. Sawyer,

You don't know who I am, but I know who you are, and I know what you done.

Doug joins Jimmy on the stoop, acknowledges his anger and his right to it, but tells him he's got to move on, because his parents are gone and there's nothing he can do to change that. "What's done is done." If he said it with any more slowly, he'd still be saying it. "Now promise me you're not going to finish that letter." The boy's eyes go cold. He means his, "I promise," about as much as Katie meant her head shake. Doug clearly knows nothing about kids, so he gives him back the notebook and says, "Good, let's go say goodbye." We jump to...

Galaga; 1977: Sawyer's trying to wrap his head around the Jack Daniels re-set plan. Kate can't believe that Sawyer's okay with the fact that this plan will kill everyone on the island. Sawyer says, "You ain't hearing me, Kate. I made a choice and I'm sticking to it. I decided to leave and I'm leaving." Juliet's face is grim as she looks away. When a member of the sub's crew brings our group their sedatives, Juliet uses her free hand to grab him by the neck, bang his head down on the table or her knee, and knocks him out. You go, girl! She gets his key and frees herself and Kate from their handcuffs. Sawyer can't believe it, but Juliet says they can't let all those people on the island die. "You want out, or you wanna stay here and whine about it?" Sawyer sighs in exasperation. "Unlock the damn cuffs." They overpower the captain and demand that he surface the sub so they can leave. Juliet says that once they're gone, he is to proceed on course and is not to bring the people back to the island, no matter what. When the captain wonders what he'll say if Horace contacts him, Sawyer shoots out his radio. "You ain't home." As the Galaga returns to the surface, we cut to...

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