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Right Round Like A Record Baby

At the hospital, Jack puts an oxygen mask on Sayid and then cranks up the flow from the cylinder, which is nearly at the "refill" level. What's more curious though, is the gage that...well, I guess it's supposed to be a pressure gage, but I don't actually know, so I won't waste your time bluffing, but it's the gage on the left. The numbers on the dial read 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15. And while the bolding is mine, the "15" is not. It's a bit curious that the next number isn't 14? Jack slaps some monitor leads on Sayid's unshaven chest -- that's going to hurt like a bastard when he takes them off. He turns on the ECG monitor and heads for the supply closet, and not to get himself some happy pills, either. He grabs something, which I figure must be some form of adrenaline. He loads the syringe, swipes Sayid's arm with rubbing alcohol, and injects the solution, but there's no change in Sayid or in his monitor readings. "Son of a bitch! Come on, Sayid. Come on." He checks Sayid's pupils for a response, first one -- then the other, when Sayid suddenly comes to -- and nearly throttles the snot out of Jack! At least until he gets through to Sayid that it's just him. I guess Sayid isn't a SKATEr after all, but he sure had me and Jack fooled for a minute. As Sayid catches his breath and gets his bearings, Jack closes the door to the room, and catches him up on what he missed during his nap. "You're fine. You're in the hospital. Hurley's father brought you to me." Sayid questions this last bit, but Jack just says, "Sayid, you've been attacked." Sayid demands to know where Hurley is. When Jack says he's at his parents' house, Sayid wants to know who is with him. Jack says, "I don't know. His mother, maybe?" Sayid's clearly concerned whether or not anyone else knows he's there, so let's hop over to Hurley's and find out.

Hurley's just nuked a Hot Pocket and burns his fingers a little, taking it out of the microwave. This is one of the reasons to use a plate, sweetie. A figure approaches him from behind and says, "Hello, Hugo!" You don't need me to tell you it's Ben, but I'm going to, because it is Ben. Hurley freaks and launches the Hot Pocket at Ben. A hot Hot Pocket as a weapon looks to be a great idea in theory, but in practice, it's only as good as your aim, and Hurley's aim ain't. The Hot Pocket splatters against the wall in such a way that leaves me not at all anxious to try one. Hurley tells Ben to get away from him, but Ben comes on as smooth as silk. I mean, really. "Hugo, I know you're in trouble. I can assure you I've taken care of everything. I have a car waiting for us out back. The police didn't see me come in. I can get you out of here." When Hurley refuses, saying that Sayid warned him about Ben, Ben insists he's taking Hurley to Sayid, which I suppose is true -- that's what makes Linus so hard to suss out. I knew someone like that once -- lied better with the truth than anyone I've ever seen. Hurley's not buying and Ben is so understanding of that -- of any and all doubts anyone might have about him that he's got to be bad, doesn't he? Or good. Or bad. Frak! He talks about how Jack (true) and Sayid (formerly true; currently LIE) came around to trusting him, and tries to coerce Hurley into doing the same. And just about when I'm ready to believe Ben, he gets a little too good. His words are too velvety, too reassuring. As he tries to talk Hurley into coming back with them to the island, all I can hear in my head is the serpent tempting Eve. Take a listen: "Come with us, Hugo. And this'll be over. You can stop hiding. You can stop worrying about the stories and the deceptions." Hurley's face betrays his hunger for the truth, and then Ben goes in for the kill. "If you come with me, you won't ever have to lie again." He lets this sink in then adds, "Please. Let me help you."

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