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Right Round Like A Record Baby

A cloaked figure furiously scribbles equations on the blackboard in a lab/office. I wish I could tell you about the math, but it's all Greek to me. Ahem. She walks over to a computer that looks much more like the kind of terminal Desmond used in the Swan, than anything made in the recent past, so I'm not only wondering where she is (I'm guessing Oxford) but when she is (the 80s? I don't know). She enters some data until a message flashes on and off, upon the monitor: "EVENT WINDOW DETERMINED." Behind her, a Foucault's Pendulum swings and seems to be trying to plot a point (while simultaneously being an actual plot point). For more on that, read this post in the forum. Even without reading that, it seems to me that she's trying to locate the island (or its inhabitants) in the space-time continuum. She leaves her workspace, which seems to be in a basement of sorts and ascends a spiral staircase to a chapel. Ben is there, lighting candles. OH BEN! I just decided you were Satan, would you knock it off. Pick a side. Or show your true side, or something. You're making me dizzy! He asks the hooded figure, "Any luck?" At the altar, with her back still to Ben and to us, she replies that she has. She asks (and by her accent she's British, by the way) if he's had any luck, and when he starts talking about his difficulties, she scolds that he'd better get busy, because he only has 70 hours. When Ben complains that he needs more time, she says, "What you need is irrelevant." She turns and it's none other than Ms. Hawking -- the woman who worked in the jewelry store where Desmond went to by a ring for Penny, back in season 3, when he was flashing in and out of time. Excellent! I'd better let her finish what she's saying though, because she's a wee bit intimidating, no? Anyhow, after she turns, she says, "Seventy hours is what you've got."

Ben tries to plead his case. "Look, I lost Reyes tonight." They both take in the weight of this loss (oh no, I swear that was unintentional) and Ben says, "So what happens if I can't get them all to come back?"

Ms. Hawking only says, "Then God help us all."


Wednesday, we're getting episode 5-3, "Jughead," in which Des looks for Daniel's mother and Locke finds out who has been attacking the strand-aways.

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