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Right Round Like A Record Baby

Cheech returns from handling the police -- gobsmacked that Hurley could have killed three people -- which of course he didn't and couldn't, and Cheech you'd totally know that too, if you hadn't walked out on your son when he was just a little boy. I hate your guts, you stupid jerk. When Hurley explains the obvious -- that Sayid did the killing -- the elder Reyes is surprisingly sanguine about it, probably because it will have little-to-no bearing on him sponging off his son and long-suffering wife. He suggests calling a lawyer but Hurley reiterates that people are after him and Sayid, so they can't go public. Cheech takes a good look at Sayid and declares he needs to go to the hospital -- and what part of we can't go public did you not understand, "dad"? Cheech presses his son to get a doctor for Sayid. Gee, if only Hurley knew a doctor who would keep his secret -- one who would understand how important it is -- one who would do all in his power to save Sayid's life and protect him and Hurley from discovery. Ahhh -- there's a flash -- not the kind on the island that makes time go all wonky, just the bright lightbulb of a workable idea. Hurley says, "I think I know what to do." 'Bout time, friend.

Kate and Aaron ride the elevator in a nice hotel, all the way up the 31st floor (weren't you expecting it to be the 42nd or something?). She rings the doorbell (in a hotel?) to a room with no number, and Sun answers. The mutual affection in their eyes is genuine. Or is it?

Ben goes to a butcher shop and pulls a ticket (number 342, with the 3 faint and the 42 in bold, just like that) to ensure his turn at the counter. Once the only other customer leaves, Ben talks to the butcher, Jill. He wants her to corpse-sit Locke for a bit, and asks if Gabriel and Jeffrey have checked in yet. Great, like we need more others to track. Jill confirms they have, that everything is moving according to schedule (maybe they're Angela Chase's dad and his associate from 5-01), and asks how things are with Jack. When Ben tells her Jack's on board, Jill cracks that Ben must have bribed him with pills, but Ben says, "Cut the man some slack. He's been through a lot. We all have." Great, I think I have to downgrade Ben's evility again. I need a chart. Jill apologizes, and Ben leaves her with words of caution about Locke's corpse. "So keep him safe Jill, because if you don't, everything we're about to do won't matter at all." Even in death, Locke's still special -- not a super-miraculous snowflake special like Des, but then -- who is?

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