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As soon as Sawyer's FTL Drive spools down, he whips his head around to the spot which was once blessed with the blessed mother and the Blessed Mother, but they're not there. Locke approaches him from behind and whispers, "James." Their eyes meet, and Locke can see Sawyer looks shell-shocked. "What happened? Did you see something out here, James?"

Sawyer looks back over his shoulder doing what he's done his whole life -- wanting a woman who can't be there -- and says, "Don't matter." He faces Locke. "It's gone, now." He leaves Locke standing there wondering, as he walks away. But don't mistake Locke's look of concern as actual concern for Sawyer. He's concerned for John Locke. Did he see what I did to Boone? That'll totally ruin my career as politician here on Craphole Island.

Mainland; Current Day; My So-Called Stakeout: Although Kate grows weary waiting for her prey to appear, her senses are still sharp like the jungle cat she is. She hears a car door shut clear across the street and turns to see Jack. She's so happy he's gotten rid of his druggie beard, she considers jumping him in the middle of the road, but there's no time. She doesn't know why he called but she can't be dealing with his prettiness right now. She's got a schedule to keep. Jack wants to know what could be dragging her attention from his now nekkid face, and looks to see if Sawyer's around. Relief floods his veins in a way only narcotics can match, as he remembers his rival jumped from their rescue chopper, three years prior. Jack nearly says, "Still the prettiest," aloud, which would not have gone over well with Kate, because did you not see her in Sun's duds? Jack assesses the situation with a surgeon's precision and decides that clearly, Kate's just being Kate -- probably planning her next felony. Or whatever. He doesn't care. He's in lurrrrrrrrrrrve with her. Too. All the cute boys are. No, not Sayid, and Desmond. They're all man (men? man? man). Jack works his smooth skin, head contusion, and eye-bags to his favor and gets Kate to admit that someone knows they're lying and that a lawyer -- right in that building she's haunting -- wants to prove she's not Aaron's mother. She doesn't have time to answer any of Jack's questions, because Angela Chase's father pulls out of the parking garage at just that minute. Ready to give Chase chase, she tells Jack, "Look, I gotta go. Either get in or don't." He does, and we jump.

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