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Jack talks to her as if she were the very slow dog of a very slow child. "I know this is gonna be hard to understand, but he's here to help us -- to help everyone that we left behind. We all need to be together again." Like a family, Daddy?

During Jack's sales talk, Kate and Ben size one another up. And then she catches right up. "It's him... He's the one who's trying to take Aaron." Jack's still all, no way, it's different, he has a soul now, but Ben says, "No Jack, she's right. It was me." A beat and then, "Sorry." Did he just scoff? I think that bug-eyed bugger just scoffed. Kate gets in his face and demands to know why Ben doesn't just stay away and leave her and her son alone. And maybe Ben needs to die to get back to the island, because he takes his life in his own hands when he answers: "Because he's not your son, Kate." The music intensifies and we zoom out from this not-so-tender scene, and then in on Sun. She's sitting in a nearby car, with a sleeping Aaron in the backseat. Upon the front passenger seat sits the surveillance photos of Jack and Ben, the investigative report and her purse, from which she removes... THE GUN! She opens the car door and we jump to...

The beach! Jin's still out cold, lying in the sun (not... oh, you know). He wakes with a start to find himself surrounded by the French castaways, and they're speaking French, like I hear the French do. The painfully young woman comes over to him and asks him a question in French. Poor Jin's like what the heck, I have to learn another new language?! He tells her, "No understand," and the woman switches easily to English. She asks how he got there and he says, "Boat." This sets the French people atwitter and one of the men, Robert -- I think -- asks Jin what boat he means. He says, "It's gone. Sink." The woman figures he was caught in the same storm they were -- the woman figures wrong.

Another of the French men demands to know who Jin is and asks how long he was in the water. Jin says he doesn't know, and the guy says, "How do you not know how you wound up in the middle of the ocean, ah?" The woman barks back at him in French, seemingly in Jin's defense. She then gives some sort of an order to the man named Robert, and removes her outer cloak to reveal her pregnant form. Robert returns with a canteen, and smiling, she thanks him.

The rest of the French men walk away, leaving Robert and the woman to watch Jin chug the water. When he stops for a breath, he thanks the woman. She smiles and asks what his name is. He tells her: "Kwon Jin-Soo... Jin."

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