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We can wait, and do see. After the bellman leaves, Sun closes the suite door, makes her excuses to Aaron and shuts herself in her bedroom. The package contains a dossier from "Surveillance Data Investigations, Inc." and the focus of their surveillance? Ben... and Jack. Included with the written report are pictures of our latest dynamic duo outside the Hoffs/Drawler Funeral Home. Some internet detectives have done some internet detecting and transcribed pages from the dossier. So far, the report seems to be nothing but a physical prop (one that may have been borrowed from this online game). How disappointing. If I have to Google more than once, I want to find real clues. More importantly, there's also a lovely, golden box of Godiva-esque chocolates, which I like to think of as the Emergency P.M.S. Pack with Perks -- because sometimes, regular old chocolate just won't do. Not only do the chocolates look divine, the second layer of the box contains a beautifully... deadly... gun. Mrs. Gump was totally right, y'all. Ladies, put the Emergency P.M.S. Pack with Perks on your Valentine's Day Wish List. Let him prove his love and... trust. And possibly poor judgment.

On the Island; Time Not Yet Known: Miles fills a flask with water and hustles back to Daniel and crew who are trying to revive the still unconscious-Charlotte, whom Sawyer informs us has been out for ten minutes. Daniel wets a hanky (who carries a hanky these days? I thought my father was the last one, and he's been dead for six years) and starts dabbing the blood off Charlotte's face. Juliet's gaze burns a hole through his skull. "If there's something that you want to tell me Daniel, now would be a good time."

Daniel tries to play dumb, like he doesn't know what she means, but Sawyer will have none of that. "She's asking if you know why your girlfriend had a seizure." Juliet asks Sawyer to give them some space, but our dear James is tired of all the Other and other-Other B.S. "She's like this 'cause the sky keeps lighting up. He knew this would happen and he didn't say squat about it."

If she ever tires of her work as a fertility specialist, Juliet should look into teaching kindergarten, because she has the kind, calm, but stern voice down cold. "James. Go away." Motherless boy that he is, he responds to this better than many men might. He all but mumbles "Yes, mum," before he stalks off to stand with Locke. Quietly, Juliet asks Daniel if he did know this would happen.

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