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Daniel says, "I thought -- I thought it might. I think it's neurological. Our brains have an internal clock, a sense of time. The flashes throw the clock off. It's like really bad jet lag." Oh my word. From which writer's ass did they pull that explanation? The look on Juliet's face says: OMIBBQPOLARBEAR worst explanation. Ever. Dude. And I never explain myself. She points out that jet lag doesn't cause hemorrhaging, and asks if he knows why it's not happening to the rest of them. Daniel LIES that he doesn't, and adds his thanks to God that it's not. Lightning strikes him dead for lying and then invoking the deity. Okay, I made that up, but it totally should. And we close in on Charlotte's face, which, despite minutes' worth of dabbing from Daniel, is still covered in blood. He's not so good at coming clean in any way, is he?

Mainland; Current Day; My So-Called Maternity: Kate looks out the window of a high-rise, at the little people down in the street. Luckily, Lawyer Dan Norton of Agostino and Norton (or is it Norton and Agostino), enters to terrorize her, before she suffers an existential crisis and ends up in Santa Rosa, mumbling about them all being ants... or pawns. Let's go with pawns there, because the crosswalk below, and the arrows and cars look like they're part of a game board. Norton starts out well enough, thanking Kate for waiting, uttering the usual niceties like you do, and they recap for us that Norton's client is remaining anonymous, at least for now. Kate proposes a deal. She'll give him the blood samples, but first, she wants to talk to his client. Norton discloses that he's meeting with his client later that day, and he'll pass along her request, but he's pretty sure that's going to be a big NO. He points out Kate is in no position to negotiate, since she isn't actually Aaron's mother, and since Norton's already secured a court order for the blood samples. He reminds her he could already have the sheriff on her tail (like that would stop our Katie), and it's only his client's reticence that's prevented him from doing so. "My client insists that we handle the exchange of custody quietly." Kate (understandably) panics at the idea of a custody exchange. She repeats that she just wants to know who is doing this to her. Norton replies, "You did this to yourself." His voice drips with ice you could only find on a frozen donkey wheel. "Now it is time you prepare yourself, Ms. Austen. You are going to lose the boy."

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