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On the Island; Time STILL Not Yet Known: Miles looks on as Daniel and Juliet try to revive Charlotte -- which seems only to involve forcing open her eyelids then letting them close. Maybe they helped Miles drain his flask before he filled it up with water, and this is some stupid drinking game. If we turned up the volume enough, would we hear them snicker? Locke and Sawyer stand a distance apart in an area of the clearing that's serving as their makeshift dunces' corner, and Locke tells Sawyer that they have to get back to the Orchid Station. "That's where all this started. Maybe it's where it'll all stop." Sawyer thinks that's just crazy talk. That poor bugger has been wandering the island for a couple of days straight anyhow (if we don't count the weeks, months and years through which he's been jumping). Seriously, do they nap? I don't want to watch it, but I'd like some indication of them catching some ZZZzzzs.

Sawyer points out that "the greenhouse" is far away. So Locke suggests they return to the beach and take the Zodiac raft around the island and get there in double time. Sawyer snarks that he supposes Locke will know exactly what to do once they arrive at the Orchid. Snap out of it, Sawyer. Locke never knows exactly what to do. Most of his tenure on the island would have been well served by doing exactly the opposite of what he felt was best. I think you're overheated. Take your shirt off, honey. And snag Miles' flask from Daniel, as he doesn't seem to be actually washing Charlotte off with the water, anyhow. Sawyer ignores my ministrations while Locke answers him. "No... I know that Ben used it to leave the island, and if I can do the same thing, I believe I can save us.... This is all happening because they left. I think it'll stop if I can bring them back." Sawyer wants to know who Locke means by "them," so Locke obliges: "Jack, Sun, Sayid, Hugo, Kate..." And baby Aaron, whom we hope isn't playing with Sun's shiny new gun. Sawyer reminds Locke that the freighter blew up and the chopper with their escape-aways was probably on it, but Locke assures Sawyer that their friends aren't dead. When Sawyer wants to know how Locke knows that, Locke gives him a standard non-answer like any Other would, and says that doesn't matter. "All that matters is they've got to come back. I've got to make them come back. Even if it kills me. Don't you want 'em to come back, James? Don't you want her to come back?"

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