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As Sawyer tells Locke that it doesn't matter what he wants, Miles calls to them. Charlotte's awake. When Daniel asks her if she's okay, she looks at him with alarm and asks who he is. He says, "It's me. It's Daniel!" She closes her eyes and whispers his name, and then groans, but er... not like that. And I'll just take the opportunity here to note how I covet this woman's coloring. A redhead, with the bluest eyes I've ever seen outside my father's paternal line -- her eyes just "pop" (darn you Stacy and Clinton; that phrase is so tired but it's taken over my brain). So... er... yeah, regardless of the fact that she looks like she'd be at home on the set of the color-enhanced Pushing Daisies, which ABC has already killed (and we hates them for it, yes we do), Charlotte is in rough shape on account of the magically hemorrhagic jet-lag. It looks like Daniel's finally dabbed some of the blood off her face, but plenty still remains. The hell, Daniel? You've had something like 15 minutes. I shouldn't pick on him. When Charlotte wants to know what happened, he displays his deep concern by giving her truthful explanation -- there was another flash and she passed out. She's still a bit dizzy but pronounces herself fine. Endearing himself to me more with every word that drips like honey from his lips, Miles deadpans: "Hooray. Everything's back to normal." He shrugs. "Now what?"

Sawyer hoists his shotgun over his shoulder. "I'll tell you 'now what'." He looks to Locke and says, "We're going to the Orchid." Without further explanation, he marches off. And in case you miss that he's determined, the background music seems to be almost saying, "March, march, march. March, march, march." Locke looks to the other three then follows behind James, trying to hide his Cheshire grin and stay in time to the music he doesn't hear (or does he). Miles turns to Juliet and Daniel who are just getting poor Charlotte to her feet, and we cut to...

Mainland; Hospital; Current Day: Jack examines Sayid and tells him his dilation is almost back to normal. How many fingers is that? Oh, pupils. Sorry. Sayid wants the I.V. out of his arm so they can be on their way, but Jack's been doing a lot of drugs lately, and isn't quite re-accustomed with the ways of the clear brained, so he starts to recap Sayid's history for the last 42 hours while he (Sayid) was under the effects of the equivalent of three horse tranquilizers. But Sayid cuts him off. "If you sent that man to Hurley's house, we have to leave now!" Jack tries the old, It's different; he has a soul now defense of Ben, but Sayid just shakes his head at Jack's stinking thinking. "The only side he's on is his own." Just then, a woman enters the treatment room, introducing herself as Dr. Ariza -- and claiming to be director of clinical services. Jack follows her into the hospital hallway and she rips him a new one for treating a patient while under suspension which she pretends was for drug use, but c'mon. We all know he was bounced for his ugly, ugly beard. A fresh-faced Jack's all, "I'm wicked sorry and look how pretty I am, now. I understand. I take full responsibility. Would you believe it was an emergency? Also, and again, look at my prettiness and you will see things my way," but she's still resisting, because he (and I hate to point this out) is a leeetle beeet sweaty, which just reeks of desperation and detox. While Dr. Ariza continues not to fall for Jack, his phone rings. Ahhhhh, along with using it to contact help when you're stranded, having a difficult conversation interrupted by its ring is one of the cell phone's true virtues.

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