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It's Hurley on the horn, making sure Cheech got Sayid to Jack and that Sayid's fine. Jack wants to know if he's okay and where he is. The camera pans back to show Hurley in a bright orange jumpsuit. "Dude. I'm totally cool. I'm in L.A. County lock-up. Oh, and tell Sayid I did exactly what he said. I'm totally safe. Ben's never gonna get me now." He hangs up with a "Thanks, dude," before Jack can get him to explain. Jack snaps his phone shut, as Ben appears through the doors at the end of the hospital corridor. Ben's glad to see Jack and asks after Sayid.

Meanwhile, Sayid's still chilling in his room, when a nurse enters and tells him he's got Sayid's meds. Sayid tells him he must have the wrong room, but the nurse insists he's in the right place, and tells Sayid not to worry, he can put the meds right into the I.V. line. Sayid looks up at the I.V. bag as the nurse turns back toward the wall and fiddles with the meds -- WHICH HE'S TOTALLY GOING TO INJECT VIA ANOTHER ROUND OF TRANQUILIZER DARTS! Ah, Sayid's so totally awesome. By the time nursey pooh turns around, aims, and fires the dart gun, Sayid's out of bed. The blue darts land right below the pillow, and nursey pooh's all, "Which way did he go? Which way did he go?" Sayid comes up behind him and... they fight. Sayid finally gets the better of nursey pooh, and seems to be ready to strangle him to death with his I.V. line. They're not just for breakfast anymore. Sayid turns into Jack "Who Are You Working For" Bauer, and nursey pooh manages to choke out that in his pocket, there's a slip of paper containing an address. Sayid jumps to his feet, retrieves the dart gun, shoots two tranq darts into nursey pooh's chest, and screams, "How do you like eeet, you filthy American scum. I throw my shoe at you. Metaphorically, because I've got things to do, and I'll be much more comfortable, not to mention safe, if I keep my shoes where they belong, on my feet. Please don't stereotype me, Ms. Recapper." Or, perhaps he just retrieves the paper, which reads: 42 Panorama Crest. Jack and Ben enter the room and survey the scene. Sayid asks if they know anyone who lives at the aforementioned address. Jack says, "That's Kate's address," as the music of dramatic tension takes us to commercial, which undercuts the dramatic tension (unless you're biting your nails to the quick, waiting to see Confessions of a Shopaholic).

Exiting the hospital with Sayid and Ben behind him, Jack calls Kate and asks her if she's okay. He's babbling -- like you do when you're blindly following the guy who is moving you around like a pawn on a chessboard -- that she's got to take Aaron and get out of the house. Kate explains that Sun's in town and Aaron is with him, and since she's hunting wild lawyer, she tries to cut the call short, but Jack gets her to give him her location: "Downtown. Wilshire and Olive." He tells her he's on his way, hangs up, and then tells Sayid and Ben he's off to meet Kate, as if they hadn't been standing there the entire time. Ben says he'll go deal with Hurley, but Sayid's all not so fast my former "friend" or at least employer who had me working as a hitman. Ben tries the rational approach. "You have friends in trouble. Let's get them to safety and save the dirty linen for later." Sayid acquiesces, but only if he accompanies Ben, and only if he drives. Sheesh, Sayid. You're easier than I thought. As Jack gets ready to drive off, Ben tells him, "After you get Kate, meet us at the Long Beach Marina, Slip 23. And, Jack? Hurry. We're running out of time."

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