The Other 48 Days

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Get your hands off my chicken

And now it's time to rumble! Ana-Lucia swings at him and he throws her to the ground, knocks the knife out of his hand. And then...oh, that's right; we know that this ends with Goodwin dead, a stake sticking out of his chest. It was awfully fortunate for Ana-Lucia that during the struggle she landed right by a large stick with a (I kid you not) sharpened point on one end. This island is crazy for lethal weapons just sort of lying around within reach whenever you're in a fight. Cheers, Goodwin.

Ana walks out of the bushes into the clearing where the rest of the Tailaways are waiting. "Where's Goodwin?" asks Libby. "We're safe here now," is all Ana-Lucia says, and she walks away. Well, that explains EVERYTHING.

Day 41. Bernard's fiddling with the radio, and Ana-Lucia snidely asks him why he's wasting his time with it. He's in the middle of saying that he turns it on only a couple minutes a day, when we get Boone's final transmission, finally settling the argument; when Boone says, "We're the survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815," Bernard says, "We're the survivors of Flight 815." Then Ana-Lucia grabs the radio away from him, saying it's just the Others trying to draw them out. Bernard protests that whoever was transmitting knew the flight number. "They know our flight number because Goodwin knew our flight number," says Ana-Lucia. Bernard's desperate to find out if there are survivors out there, but Ana shuts him up with, "There are no survivors!" Your own presence proves otherwise, but never mind. "This is our life now. Get used to it," she spits, and stomps off.

She kneels by a stream, and starts to break down. Who says Michelle Rodriguez can't act? She stops herself when she sees Eko standing there watching her. She barks at him, for no one must see her cry. He tells her that everything's going to be okay, and he crouches beside her. "What, you're talking now?" he says. "It's been forty days," he says simply. "You waited forty days to talk?" she says. "You waited forty days to cry," he says, and that totally sets her off, and she collapses, sobbing in his arms. I'm going to hope that the tears aren't strictly of the "even a girlfighter needs to let it out once in a while" variety, and that some of these tears are being shed for Nathan, whose death Ana-Lucia bears some of the responsibility for, whether you like her or not.

I would like to point out that after the ensuing commercial break, we'll be at 59 minutes, meaning that everything up until happened within the regular episode time allotment. So the upcoming "bonus" minutes had better be good.

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