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Get your hands off my chicken

That night. Guantana-lucia Bay. Nathan sits. Does he ever sleep? Maybe Ana-Lucia's got him too scared. He hears footsteps approach and tenses up as the pit is opened. But it's Goodwin, throwing a rope down and telling Nathan to grab it and he'll pull him up. Nathan eagerly does so, and Goodwin hands Nathan a package. "Ana-Lucia -- I think we all think that she's going to hurt you. Now, you need to get away from here. There's some fruit in there. Now, just go." Nathan seems hesitant, but I don't think a thank-you is unwarranted (well, not yet, anyway), and then asks which way to the beach. Goodwin I think is supposed to flex his arm while pointing and saying, "THAT way," to show off his bicep, but he just says, "That way, maybe five miles." Nathan walks past him -- and Goodwin grabs him from behind and snaps his neck with as little effort as it took to choke the chicken. Yeah, you heard me. I went there. Again. Then, in case we're not fully clued in yet that Goodwin is evil, he glances around all shifty-eyed.

Day 24. Long slow pan up Ana-Lucia's body while she sleeps. She wakes up, rolls over, and sees Goodwin lying there (all the Tailaways are in the same general area), already awake, looking at her. "Morning," he says, and instead of flipping out because he's creeping her out, she just says "morning" too. Then Cindy comes running into the camp, yelling that Nathan is gone. I'm going to presume now that Cindy went to feed him, and that the rest of the Tailaways were also helping to look after him. That being the case, shouldn't they all have told Ana-Lucia to stuff it and let him out of the pit? Strength in numbers and all that? They head to the pit, and yep, he's gone. Goodwin acts as surprised as anyone. Bernard asks Ana what she's going to do. Not what they are going to do? "They found us. It's time to move," she says.

Day 26. The death march continues, and they come back to the ocean (not to the beach where they were before, though).

Day 27. The bunker door. Cindy asks what it is. Did anyone get here before you, Cindy? Well, Goodwin, but he looks genuinely as perplexed as the rest of them. Is it possible the Others don't know about the hatches? I suppose it's possible. Eko approaches the door, despite Ana saying, "What are you doing?", and then she and the rest follow him, presumably figuring that he'll be killed first if anything happens, giving them time to get out of the way. He slowly opens the big creaking door, which reads "Quarantine" on the inside in block letters. The place is, as it was when we first saw it, a cave compared with Swan station. The Dharma logo is on the wall, with an arrow instead of a swan. "What is this place?" asks Cindy. Again, we DON'T KNOW, Cindy. ["At least this is somewhat natural dialogue involving the asking of questions, for a change; I'd say the same thing even if I knew nobody else would likely know the answer." -- Sars] Goodwin offers the theory that it's a storage facility. Ana-Lucia, meanwhile has found some sort of control panel and turns on some lights, which is very exciting. And they find a trunk. Inside are a bible, a radio and a...glass eye? Is this Tom Waits' office? Half his songs on my iPod are about or inspired by those three things.

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