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Get your hands off my chicken

Outside the hatch, Bernard tries the radio, but he gets nothing but static. Goodwin helpfully points out the hills are blocking any signal, and they need to get to higher ground. Guess who volunteers. Ana says she'll come with, and Goodwin, as nonchalantly as he possibly can, says she should stay and get the place set up as a shelter. Exactly what would that entail? It's a bunker, and they're a bunch of castaways. They're going to fortify it how? Ana-Lucia says they can all set it up, and she and Goodwin can be back in a couple of hours.

So they're hiking, and to make conversation, Ana-Lucia wonders why the Others (not that they're referring to them that way) are attacking them. "Maybe they're not attacking us," says Goodwin. Now that we, the viewers, are aware that he's one of the Others, is he now actively trying to arouse suspicion? Ana-Lucia just says, "Yeah, they just drag us into the jungle every now and then. No real harm done." She also wonders why they took some and not the others. Goodwin provides KEEN INSIGHT into how these people are thinking: "That first night they took the strongest of us -- your quiet friend, three other guys. They're all athletic...tough...threats." They didn't take you, points out Ana. Ooh, burn. "Guess they changed their plan after two of them got killed," he says, which isn't an implausible explanation.

They've come to an open area, and Goodwin suggests taking a break, so they sit to have some food. Goodwin pulls the radio out of his backpack and sets it down beside him. Then he asks for the knife. She just stares at him for a moment, and he holds up a pomegranate, and she hands over the knife. So...she's suspicious of him? And isn't making an effort to hide it? Yet she hands over the knife anyway? And he's letting her know that he's aware of her suspicion but not saying anything about it? He cuts off a slice of the pomegranate and offers it to her. She takes it, with an extra-special close-up of him holding the knife as she takes the piece of fruit. She wonders aloud where the Others got an army knife, when they don't even have shoes. He looks at the knife, perplexed, not knowing what she's talking about. "Here, I'll show you," she says, reaching for the knife. He hesitates before handing it over. So he knows that she's suspicious, and gives her back the knife anyway. It would be nice if these two could try to keep up appearances. Anyway, now Ana-Lucia has the knife, which has U.S. Army stamped on it. "You see the tang stamp? This knife's probably 20 years old. You don't see these anymore, yet here it is, on this island. Weird, huh?" Goodwin nods. Then Ana-Lucia asks if she can ask him something. You just did! Goodwin says sure. "When you ran out of the jungle the day of the crash, how did you find Bernard up in the tree?" "I heard him shouting from the beach," he says. "From the beach?" says Ana-Lucia. Goodwin tosses away the last bit of pomegranate and wants to know why she's asking. Ana-Lucia's face reads "the jig is up" as she says, "Did he see you out there? Is that why you pretended to be one of us?" Goodwin just watches her. "You ran out of the jungle ten minutes after the crash. You weren't wet. You were never even in the ocean," she says. Goodwin closes his eyes, slowly shakes his head, sighs. Ana-Lucia asks where his friends are. Goodwin says nothing. Ana-Lucia starts to ask about Nathan, and Goodwin calmly interrupts her: "If you had cut off his finger and he still told you he was on the plane, I think maybe you would have started to believe you had the wrong guy." Did you kill him, asks Ana-Lucia. "Nathan was not a good person," is the chilling response. Goodwin leans forward. "That's why he wasn't on the list." So the Others have something against Canadians, but Ethan was fine using us as a cover story? Not cool. Ana-Lucia asks if they killed the children. "The children are fine," says Goodwin, and for those of you who think they're dead because that's what people mean when they say someone is "in a better place," please take note of what Goodwin says: "They're better off now." ["And the teddy bear we saw in the first act went off in the third, so." -- Sars]

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