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How Many Others Are There?

Cut to Jack lighting a torch, telling Juliet, Jin, and Sun that they all have a lot of ground to cover, and that anyone who finds the trail should call out for help. If they have a lot of ground to cover, why are they the only four looking? And why is Jin bringing Vincent along on a leash? That dog is damn cute, but has he ever been any good at tracking people? Conveniently, it starts pouring as the four of them split up.

Juliet, gun in one hand and torch in the other, comes to a clearing in the jungle. We hear some mysterious whispering, and she looks around all scared. And then Harper's standing there. Harper: "Hello, Juliet. Long time no see." Credits.

When we return, it's still pouring in the jungle, and Harper is still creeping me out. Juliet asks her why she's there. Harper: "I came to deliver a message. From Ben." I hope it's a singing telegram. Harper tells Juliet that Daniel and Charlotte are headed to the Tempest, where there is some gas that could kill everyone on the island. Again. Juliet wonders why Harper doesn't do something to stop Daniel and Charlotte, and Harper tells her that Ben wants Juliet to take care of it. Juliet wonders how Ben can possibly know any of this when he's a prisoner. Harper: "Ben is exactly where he wants to be." I always knew the little ferret was a freak -- he's clearly got a thing for being tied up and beat. Juliet looks pained, and then asks, "How am I supposed to stop them?" Harper points out that a gunshot can be a very effective deterrent. Jack arrives, and Harper tells him that she's just an old chum of Juliet's who dropped by for a cup of sugar. And to tell them where to find Daniel and Charlotte. Jack looks skeptical. When the whispering starts up again, he and Juliet both turn away from Harper. When they turn back two seconds later, she's disappeared.

Juliet is in a lab, sitting on the floor and quietly weeping. She hears the sound of something falling and gets up to investigate. She finds Goodwin rooting around in the supplies; he claims he was looking for some gauze. She sees a large burn on his arm, and he claims he got it when he touched a transformer at the power station where he works. Juliet offers to take care of the wound. They make small talk while she inspects the wound and gathers supplies. We learn that a woman died that morning of the mysterious disease that kills all pregnant women. That helps explain why Juliet was crying. Also, as she tells Goodwin, she's miserable because she has nobody to talk to except for Harper, who is a total beeyotch who hates Juliet. It turns out she's also Goodwin's wife. So he should know what Juliet's talking about. There's an awkward apology, and then Juliet tells Goodwin that his wound is tended and he can leave. Before going, he tells her that she can always talk to him if she's feeling lonely. She tells him that if he'll keep her comments about Harper a secret, she won't tell anyone that he lied about the burn on his arm -- it was clearly a chemical burn, and was not caused by touching a transformer. Oh, and it's not until the end of the scene that Goodwin introduces himself.

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