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How Many Others Are There?

Jack and Juliet are still hiking in the rain. I think this would be a nice time for a big musical number. Jack wants to know where they're going. Juliet tells him, "Tempest Station," and then ignores his request for more information by telling him, "It's safer for you if I don't talk about it." Has there ever been a time on this show when that statement was true? She does tell him that the Tempest is an electrical station that powers the island, but won't provide any more info. Jack persists, getting in Juliet's face and telling her that this is the perfect time for her say whatever she needs to say. Juliet: "What I need is for you to help me. Will you help me?" There are two things Jack can never say no to -- a pretty woman and a request for help. So he's definitely in. Juliet thinks they can catch Daniel and Charlotte if they hike all night.

It's morning, and the rain has stopped. Daniel and Charlotte are crouched over a stream. Daniel is holding a map in his hand. It looks like he's trying to find the way to Mordor. I'd tell him to look out for Gollum, but Charlie's already dead. Even frozen in hi-def, there's not much I can make out on the map. Lots of blank spots labeled, "unknown," and a couple of larger blocks of text that are illegible. There's one Dharma-station symbol along the western coast of the island. Daniel tells Charlotte which way he thinks they should go. ("That way," if you must know.) Daniel is worried that he won't be able to do it, but Charlotte tells him to buck up, because she's certain he can do it. As they're about to leave, a scary figure steps out of the jungle. Charlotte points her gun at the figure, who turns out to be Kate. Too bad she didn't use her time in the Barracks to find some scissors -- she's looking a little Clan Of The Cave Bear right now. A trim and some conditioner would do wonders. Daniel tells Charlotte to put down the gun, because he knows Kate. (It seems plausible to me that Kate and Charlotte might not have met when they were at the Barracks.) Charlotte seems resistant to the idea of not pointing a gun at Kate, and Kate looks like she's taking it personally. And at that odd point, we break for commercials.

When we return, Daniel is asking if Locke's crew has Miles as a prisoner. Wasn't he there when Sayid explained the swap? Did he forget, or is he just spacey? Or did the writers forget? Kate asks what the two of them are doing out in the jungle. Charlotte spins a lie about the satellite phone having run out of power and gone completely dead, explaining that they are looking for the spare batteries that were in the packs they discarded when the chopper was going down. This would be a fine story, except that Kate can see the phone in Daniel's pocket, complete with a big green light indicating that it still has at least some power. Of course, the idea that Jack or Juliet would let these two island newbies wander around in the jungle by themselves is pretty ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? Kate. She knows that Charlotte is lying to her, but she can't help but overplay her hand and press the point. Kate notices that notwithstanding the story about throwing the packs out of the chopper, Daniel is carrying quite a heavy bag; she asks to see what's in the bag and turns her back on Charlotte. As Kate opens the bag and finds a couple of gas masks, Charlotte clocks her on the head with the butt of her gun. Daniel looks upset. Charlotte: "What?" I think I like Charlotte.

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