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How Many Others Are There?

In his cell, Ben is reading Valis, by Phillip K. Dick. (In sum, it's the story of the search for God, and the discovery that one particular set of religious revelations is being beamed down to Earth from an orbiting satellite.) Locke enters and hands Ben his plate. Ben's surprised to see rabbit, and Locke tells him that chickens are in short supply. Ben, fiddling with his food: "This didn't have a number on it, did it?" Locke starts to leave, but Ben is contractually required to engage in some psychological warfare, so he asks Locke, "So has the revolution begun yet?" Locke doesn't know what he's talking about. Ben blathers on about how people will start to question Locke, and then tells him, "Believe me, your people will be so angry when they realize you still don't have a plan." Locke asks if Ben has a plan. He does, don't you know. But this time Locke has the upper hand -- he asks Ben if his plan involves raising $3.2 million. Locke: "That's a lot of money." I know it doesn't read that way, but this is the funniest episode so far this season. Locke pulls a dollar out of his pocket and offers it to Ben so he can start his fundraising. I'd like to think he's been carrying that dollar around ever since he learned what Miles told Ben, just so he could rub Ben's face in it. Although maybe he was carrying it in case he ever ran into a Dharma Brand vending machine. Ben tells Locke that they can help each other, since they have a common enemy -- the man in charge of the boat. Ben gives his word that if Locke gives him some freedom and comfort, Ben will tell him everything he wants to know about the man behind the boat. Locke: "You see, there's the problem. I don't trust your word." Ben: "All right then. I guess I'll have to show you." Please keep your pants on. Commercials.

It's daylight, and Juliet emerges from the ocean like a sylph. Or Ursula Andress, with fewer curves. Goodwin is on the beach with a picnic lunch for the two of them. They lie on the beach and drink some wine. I'm not sure I want to go from here to eternity with these two. They snuggle, and Goodwin complains about having to keep their relationship a secret -- by this time, Harper's already kicked him to the couch, so he has no reason to stay in his marriage. Juliet tells him to keep his mouth shut, because Ben wouldn't like learning about their little fling. Goodwin points out that everyone knows that Ben has a crush on Juliet, but he doesn't think that's a reason to keep their love a secret. He points out that a little less than a kilometer from the beach where they are, Ben has him working with chemicals that could kill everyone on the island. Goodwin thinks Ben has more important things to do than worry about Juliet. Ah, but Ben is a multitasker. He can stockpile genocidal chemicals and stalk the woman he loves. Juliet is still worried that Ben would be upset to hear about their relationship. Goodwin: "What's Ben gonna do?"

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