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How Many Others Are There?

Kate, Queen of Jungle, is tracking Juliet. Not only can she tell which way Juliet went, she can tell that Charlotte and Daniel went the same way about half an hour earlier. Jack asks Kate why she stayed at the Barracks a couple of episodes ago. Kate tells him that she needed to learn something, and he asks what. As we know, she wanted to know whether the people on the boat knew that Kate is a big-time fugitive. They do. End of scene.

Juliet arrives at a concrete bunker-like structure with a large octagonal door. Did she somehow wander onto the set of Battlestar Galactica? There's a control panel for the door, but it's been ruined. So Juliet pulls on a big chain and opens it up. That doesn't seem very secure. She pulls her gun and walks in, as we cut to a flashback.

An excited Ben opens the door to his house and invites Juliet in. She's carrying a basket of rolls. He tells her that he's got to get his ham out of the oven before it dries out. They make some small talk, and she notices that the table is set for two. Juliet was under the impression that Ben was inviting her to a dinner party, but it's actually a dinner date. Is that ham spiral cut? Is there a Dharma deli and butcher station somewhere on the island? Juliet's a little nonplussed by the bait-and-switch, but she manages not to be rude. As Ben serves the ham, he thanks Juliet for spending time with Zach and Emma, two of the children kidnapped from the Tailies. Juliet thinks they're wonderful kids, but isn't sure what to say when they ask about their mother in L.A. Ben tells her that they'll stop asking in time. Juliet wonders if such young children really belong on the island. Ben: "They're on the list, Juliet. Who are we to question who's on the list and who's not?" Juliet asks why Goodwin has to stay with the remaining Tailies, since they've already got all of them who were on the list. As Ben continues to carve the ham, you can see that he's imagining that it's Goodwin's head. Ben tells Juliet that Goodwin is staying with the Tailies because he's trying to convince Ben that Ana Lucia should be recruited. Ben: "He feels very passionately about her. Almost inappropriately so." Ben tells her that Goodwin will stay where he is for now, especially since he has no reason to hurry back to the Barracks any time soon.

Back in the Tempest, Juliet walks down a long corridor lit by trademark flickering fluorescent bulbs. There's an alarm going off, and a recorded voice giving warnings about various unauthorized activities. Juliet enters a large, two-story space filled with computers and chemical equipment. She's at a landing on the second floor; from where she's standing, she can see someone in a gas mask and biohazard suit doing something with a computer. The recorded voice is warning about potential contamination and breaches of storage tanks. Juliet makes her way down to the floor and walks up behind the bunny suit. She points her gun and says "hey," and Daniel turns around and gives her a very pained look. He asks her what she's doing there. Commercials.

At the Tempest, Juliet is ordering Daniel to step away from the computer, and he's refusing. He keeps working, and the computer starts counting down one minute to contamination. Juliet yanks his gas mask off, thereby dooming him to die along with everyone else if the gas is released. Daniel: "I'm not trying to release it. I'm trying to render it inert." The third season of Prison Break was enough to render me inert -- may be Daniel should try that. Juliet looks like she's trying to decide whether to believe him. And then Charlotte sneaks up behind her and hits her with...something. Let's just call it a field hockey stick. Daniel keeps working at the computer while Charlotte and Juliet fight. To their credit, there's no hair pulling, and an awful lot of serious punching. Daniel keeps working, the women keep waling, and the computer keeps warning. It's all very tense. Juliet finally wins the fight and regains her gun when there's twenty seconds left on the clock. She tells Charlotte to make Daniel stop, but Charlotte tells her that they're trying to disable the gas before Ben can use it as a weapon. Interestingly, Charlotte and her crew know that Ben used the gas as a weapon once before. Charlotte: "If you want to stop us, you're going to have to shoot us both." I'm betting shooting Daniel would be enough, as he seems to be the only one who actually knows how to render the gas inert. Juliet points her gun at Daniel, but doesn't shoot. He keeps working, the clock counts down, and at the last possible second, the gas is made safe. Juliet lowers the gun, and they all look relieved. Well, Juliet doesn't -- she looks more like she's about to experience a flashback.

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