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Camp Faucke: Faucke's leaving on an "errand." I don't think he's going to pick up the dry cleaning. He tells Sayid he'll be back in the morning and to keep an eye on the camp in his absence. Sayid, who remains extremely, terribly and awfully broken non sequiturs: "I don't feel anything -- anger, happiness... pain. I don't feel it any more." Faucke: "Maybe that's best, Sayid. It'll help you get through what's coming." That can't be good. Once Faucke leaves, Jin starts to pack up. Sawyer tries to stop him. "What are you doing, Hoss?" Jin's getting ready to run, "before that thing gets back." He can't understand why Sawyer's hanging around, listening to it. Sawyer swaggers. "I ain't listening to nobody." Jin is not impressed. He's waited long enough. He's going to find his wife. Except he's not. Just then a dart hits him in the neck. Sawyer's down next. Also down: Sayid, Claire, Kate and all the rest of the Fauckers. Widmore's commandos pour into camp Faucke. Zoe and Baby Face Commando Seamus (Fred Kohler) hover over Jin, and determine he's the one they're looking for. DUN! Title card.

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Jacobite Beach Resort and Casino: Frank and Miles play cards. Ilana cleans the weapons and again publicly confesses her faith in Jacob. Ben runs his mouth. The show continues to make fun of Hurley's weight. Like me, Sun is disgusted in this week's utter lack of progress, so she swans off to her overgrown garden, and when Jack follows in her wake, we learn all the tomatoes are dead. With revelations like that, how can people say we're not getting enough answers? The tomatoes are dead, people. It's all about the tomatoes. Here's something new. Sun doesn't care if Richard comes back. Or about being a candidate. All right -- new is stretching it. Anyhow, Jack tells her about the lighthouse mirrors and the names. He's lucky the tomatoes are dead or Sun would be throwing them at him right about now. She doesn't care about reason, purpose or destiny. "I just want you to go away and leave me alone." Over in Camp Faucke, Kate feels usurped and doesn't even know why.

Sideways: Now, allegedly, Sun is L.A. to do some shopping, and Jin is acting as her bodyguard. Apropos of little, apparently the Korean language has borrowed "shopping" and "shop" from English. I don't know why I love that, but I do. Anyhow, Jin knocks on Sun's hotel door to inform her he's going to the restaurant to deliver the watch. Sun points out that that's kind of dumb, since it's 11:30 PM, and then she pointedly unbuttons the top button of that ever-contentious beige cardigan and enjoys rubbing in the fact that Jin doesn't seem to mind much. And he minds even less as she undoes the rest of her buttons. I see her lacy bra. My teenage son pretends he doesn't. Now she's slipping off the entire sweater. Jin kisses her. Let's give them their privacy, since this is the only loving they're getting this week, in either reality. SIGH.

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