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Suite; Living Room: With Mikhail's help, Sun explains that the money was taken at Customs. Keamy says that's not his problem. Sun has money though, and will gladly pay it to Keamy. Mikhail will take her to the bank while Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant. Jin has only one concern. He pleads with Keamy not to reveal to Pa Paik that he and Sun are involved. Keamy assures them their secret is safe with him. "Just bring me the money and we can all live happily ever after, all right?" Mikhail doesn't have to act as interpreter here, because Keamy's strategy of talking really loudly seems to have paid off. Who knew?

Jacobite Beach Resort and Casino: Jack examines Sun and applies a wet compress to her head." Ben is miffed that Ilana, who is giving him the stink-eye, suspects he's the one who conked Sun on the noggin. "What? Oh, for the fourth time, I was gathering mangos and she was already unconscious when I found her. Why won't you believe me?" Ilana deadpans: "Because you're speaking." Hee. Jack suspects Sun has a slight concussion, and confirms that while she can understand English, she can only speak Korean. Miles: "She hits her head and forgets English -- we're supposed to buy that?" Frank: "Asks the man who communes with the dead." Heh.

Jack suspects that Sun has traumatic aphasia." Popular Mechanics' Erin McCarthy thinks that's highly unlikely. I think we're on a magical island where anything goes. Here are my other, more considered guesses: either the Sideways Reality is bleeding through to this one; or (and I guess that can be an "and/or") Faucke messed with Sun's mind. Verbally isolating her from the rest of the Jacobites is going to leave her more desperate to find Jin than ever -- perhaps even desperate enough to join the Fauckers. Right?

After Jack reassures Sun that her aphasia is probably temporary and that she'll be okay, Ilana smiles, but not because she cares what language her Schrödinger's candidate speaks. She's smiling because Richard has come back to the Jacobite Beach Resort, with Hurley in tow. Richard gets right down to business. "Pack your bags. We're leaving." I'd call it a plan, but all these people have been doing since September 2004 is wandering from one side of the island to the next -- but at least it's a change of scenery. And so is this...

Shores of Hydra Island: Faucke gets out of the outrigger, but Sayid, who remember, can swim, is nowhere in sight. As Faucke approaches the porta-pylons, the Widmorons fire at him from the tree line. Faucke's all cheerful and calm. "Easy, friend. I come in peace." Isn't that what the Martians used to say in old Sci-Fi movies (that and Sawyer's "Take me to your leader")? The Widmorons march Faucke along porta-pylon row (he's on one side, they're on the other). Finally, Widmore arrives and greets his guest. "You know who I am?" Faucke does, because he's been around forever, and has John Locke's memories, to boot. Widmore notes: "Obviously you're not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories and jungle noises in the night." Faucke: "I think you know more than that judging by these pylons." Widmore wants to know why Faucke is there. Faucke says, "You took one of my people -- Jin Kwon." Widmore claims he has no idea what Faucke's talking about. I assumed it was a lie at first, but... well, I'll let that wait. Faucke starts to leave and then reconsiders. He turns back to Charles. "A wise man once said that war was coming to this island..." which is what Widmore told original recipe Locke, back in Tunisia. As Widmore lets this sink in, Faucke adds, "I think it just got here." No, silly, that's just a COMMERCIAL.

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