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Jacobite Beach Resort and Casino: When Jack asks Richard where they're going, Richard asks Ben where Locke is. Ben says he's on Hydra Island, which is funny, because Ben knows Locke did this to Sun, right here on Craphole, and yet he also knows Locke said he'd be on Hydra Island, and it's accidentally and temporarily true that Locke is on Hydra Island, and probably will be true again, but still.... Okay, maybe it's just funny to me. Anyhow, Richard knows that's where Frank landed the Ajira plane and points out that Faucke wants to leave the island and the plane is his way off.

How come everyone acts like that plane is airworthy? It didn't crash, but it malfunctioned in a big-ass way. Whatever, Richard says they're going to stop Faucke. Miles turns to Hurley. "This is your fault, isn't it?" Hurley: "Sorta." Tch. No sir. Ilana wants to know how they'll stop Faucke. Richard says they'll destroy the plane, and that's when Sun flips her poor, concussed lid. She reads the Jacobites the riot act, in Korean. It amounts to this. What kind of asshat who, when he finds himself stranded upon a desert island, destroys the only known possible (if less than sure) way off that desert island? And further more, she doesn't give a hoot about plans, candidacy and walking dead men. She wants to find her husband, not save the damned world. In Korean, she adds, "Understand this. I'm not going anywhere." Even without an interpreter, she does a damned fine job of getting her point across with facial expressions, hand gestures and a particularly pissy tone of voice. Go Sun! Get down with your bad self.

Sideways; Bank: With Mikhail's assistance, Sun learns that her secret, private, personal account was closed and the funds were transferred to one of her father's accounts. Some people have found this problematic, but the man's a mobster that has government officials paying him off. I'm pretty sure he found a way to exert his muscle on a bank employee to get what he wants. Mikhail doesn't spell it out, but he heavily implies to Sun that Pa Paik must have known about her affair with Jin, all along.

Restaurant: Omar bumps Jin's head as he throws him in the walk-in. While Keamy scolds him for his carelessness, he tends to Jin's wound and then tells Omar to go get the Arab guy. Omar: "Hey, I'm an Arab." Keamy could not care less. "Just go pick him up." He then duct tapes Jin to a chair, in case he figures out the master plan and freaks. "I don't think you realize how unhappy Mr. Paik was when he found out when you were doing his little girl. Well you know the $25 grand that you were supposed to deliver. That was my fee -- for popping you. From what I hear, anyone who works for Paik knows the cardinal rule: Hands off the boss's daughter. But you -- you couldn't resist her, could you?" He gently pokes Jin's pec. "The heart wants what the heart wants" Jin can't speak English, so he doesn't quip that he feels like he's stuck in a Woody Allen movie. Instead, the poor bugger says, "Thank you," which makes no sense at all. Keamy then apologizes as he duct tapes Jin's mouth shut. "Some people just aren't meant to be together." And some people better just shut up before I have Sayid come in and shoot them to death -- KEAMY.

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