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Jacobite Beach Resort; Seaside; Night: Sun is sitting by a small campfire on the beach when Jack arrives. I miss their old friendship, so moments like this are sweet. He tells her he remembers a patient who woke up from an accident and couldn't talk, but a wise nurse pointed out that he might be able to write, and he was. He gives Sun a pad of paper and a pen and asks if she'll give it a try. Sun writes: "Yes." Jack does his best to console her by pointing out that although it will take her a little longer to get her point across, at least she has her "voice" back, now. He then gives her another gift. "I went back out to your garden to see if he was there. He wasn't, but I found this." He reaches in his backpack and takes something out. He removes the cloth wrapped around this mystery gift and laughs as he holds it up for Sun to see. "That's one stubborn tomato. I guess no one told it [that] it was supposed to die." Just like Sun. Just like all our Lostaways. Aw. It really is all about tomatoes.

Sun, who acts like she has an endless supply of paper writes largely on a new page. "Sorry." She adds a little frowny face for effect. Jack smiles as he tells her not to worry about it. "You're not the first person to tell me to leave 'em alone." He and Sun share a quiet laugh, and then Jack asks, "What did Locke say to you?" Sun writes that he said he has Jin. When Jack asks Sun why she didn't go with him, she writes -- SOMETHING THAT IS ALMOST COMPLETELY OBSCURED BY THE FRIGGING V countdown graphic. Stabby stabby. Kill kill. I think it reads something like, "I don't trust him." Jacks asks, "Do you trust me?" Sun considers him for a moment and then nods. Jack nods back at her in appreciation. "Sun, come with us and I'll help you find Jin. I'll help you find him and I'll get you both on that plane and as far away from this island as you can get. I promise." Oh, Jack. He holds out his sandy hand to her. Sun grabs it, and Jack gives her a teary smile in thanks, but remember you Jears-Hounds, it doesn't count 'til his cheeks are wet.

Camp Faucke: Sawyer breaks Kate out of her daydreams, and while they're chatting she asks him why he's not worried. Sawyer says he is. "I'm just really good at pretending that I ain't." He says he has a feeling that this is almost over, though. "'Cause if Locke rode over there on the boat with Sayid, then Charlie Widmore blew them right out of the water." Kate wants to know, "And what if he didn't?" Sawyer: "Well then, we're screwed, six ways from Sun..." They're interrupted by Faucke's return. Sawyer sighs. "Aw Hell." Close your eyes and think of England, James. Kate notes that Faucke is alone. Sawyer walks up to him and says, "I thought you went over there to find Jin." Faucke explains that "they" said they didn't have him -- not that he believes that. Sawyer asks where Sayid is. Faucke: "When you were over there, James, you mentioned Widmore had someone guarding a room on the submarine -- guarding something they didn't want you to see. [...] I don't like secrets."

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