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Is That A Baton In Your Pocket?

Locke, Sawyer, and Ben stride across the Barracks. Sawyer pesters Ben with questions until he tells them that code 14-J is a panic code to be used by one of his people in the event they were captured, to give an early warning that bad guys are on the way. As they walk, there are other Losties wandering about the place -- none of our heroes bothers to give them the tiniest warning that something bad is about to happen. However, Sawyer does think he should tell "Frenchy" and the kids that something's going down. Ben tells him not to bother, since he already sent Rousseau, Alex, and Karl away. And then Sawyer realizes he should find Claire. As Sawyer walks away, Ben tells Locke that it's very important that he (Locke) survive -- and the way to do that is to stay close to Ben. Ben thinks that the people that are coming won't risk hurting Ben, so they won't hurt the people immediately around him.

Back on the beach, we're still staring at the dead guy. Jack covers him with a blanket and asks Charlotte and Daniel if they know why his throat would be slit. Daniel says the doctor was fine the last time they saw him. Jack asks when that was, and Daniel tells him, "When? When is kind of a relative term." For the love of all that is holy, would someone please ask him a follow-up question? Like, maybe, "What the hell do you mean by that?" Anyone? I guess not then. Instead, Juliet asks if Daniel's been able to fix the phone. He hasn't -- the microphone is smashed up, so the best they would be able to transmit is some beeps. Bernard points out that's all they'd need to send a message in Morse code. Daniel names some specific things he would need to make that work, and Kate offers to show him the material they salvaged from the plane. As they leave, Jack asks to speak with Bernard.

Back at Casa Locke, Ben is dragging furniture around and piling it up in front of the door. Locke asks if Ben is scared of the people who are coming. Actually, he just felt like redecorating -- the flow of that room was all wrong. Yes, of course he's scared. Hurley walks out of the kitchen with Aaron and asks how Sawyer's going to get back in if they barricade the door. Ben: "He's not."

Speaking of Sawyer, he runs into an unnamed Lostie and asks him if he's seen Claire. The guy asks him why he's running around with a gun, but before Sawyer can really answer there's a gunshot and the unnamed Lostie goes down. Sawyer exchanges gunfire with the Boaties, and yells at another Lostie to get back inside -- but it's too late, as she gets shot. And then another one. They're really thinning the ranks out this episode. And then we get a couple of minutes of Sawyer running, shooting, ducking, and hiding as he tries to find Claire. For some reason, the Boaties just can't seem to hit him. So they fire a rocket at the building towards which he's running. The house blows up just before he gets there. Finally, an explosion we can't blame on Locke. Commercials.

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