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Is That A Baton In Your Pocket?

We return to Ben, still wearing the clothes from the last time we saw him in the desert, walking through a charming north African city. He's at a hotel, and tells the clerk (who speaks English) that he'd like a room. She asks him if it's the first time he's been in Tunisia, and he tells her it's been a while. She asks for his name, and he tells her that he's a preferred guest, listed under "Dean Moriarty." And he's got the passport to prove it. The clerk looks up his name in her book and then looks slightly terrified. But she's a professional, and after she hands him the key she asks him if there's anything else she can do for him. He asks for the date (it's October 24), and then asks her to verify that it's 2005. Which makes this a flash-forward from the date of the plane crash. Maybe. Probably. Perhaps. As he walks away, he notices a television showing footage of Sayid telling a crowd of reporters that he just wants to bury his wife in peace.

Back at Casa Locke, Hurley can see the wreckage of Claire's house from the window. Ben tells Locke that the Boaties are trying to scare him into surrendering. Locke tells Hurley to take Aaron to an interior room, and then asks Ben why it's so important that he (Locke) survive the coming massacre. Ben: "'Cause there's only one person who can help us now, and that's Jacob. And we have to go to him together." Locke points out that he doesn't even know how to find the cabin. Ben's response? "I know. But Hurley does."

Outside, the Boaties have stopped shooting long enough for Sawyer to look at the wreckage of the exploded house and find Claire on the ground under a sheet or something. He uncovers her and wakes her up. She's groggy, but not obviously wounded. Sawyer picks her up and carries her towards Casa Locke.

Back at the house, Hurley improvises a bed for Aaron by putting a pillow in a laundry basket. And then he hears Sawyer screaming at them to open the door. He looks out the window and sees Sawyer carrying Claire. Hurley runs into the living room to move the barricade, but stops when he sees that Ben is pointing a gun at him. When Sawyer gets to the door and finds it unopened, Hurley gets decisive -- he picks up an ottoman and throws it through a window so Sawyer can climb in. Sawyer asks Ben why the Boaties would start shooting with no provocation and without making any demands. Ben thinks their plan was to make the Losties angry so they would give up Ben. Sawyer thinks that's a great plan. And then the doorbell rings. Murderous Avon calling? Locke and Sawyer both peek out of windows and then start removing the barricade. Sawyer opens the door and we see that Miles is standing there. Sawyer yanks him inside and then closes the door behind him. The Boaties sent Miles in with a radio -- they want to speak with Ben. Commercials.

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