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Your Mother's An Other?!

1977; Island; Pylons: Kate enters the security code Juliet spewed at her in a jealous fury, while Jack confirms that Daniel's neck is only grazed. When Dan guesses that he was lucky, Jack asks him what luck has to do with it. "I thought you said 'whatever happened, happened'." That phrase is getting as tedious as "It's different, he has a soul, now," got on Buffy. "You gotta understand, Jack, this is our present. When we met, did I have a scar on my neck?" Now Daniel, don't flirt. "No, 'cause I hadn't been shot yet. We can't be so naive as to think nothing can happen to us. Any one of us can die, Jack." Oh crap, Daniel. You're gonna die, brotha. Aren't you? Don't die. I like you, Daniel. (And Jeremy Davies has really gone above and beyond in the role tonight, don't you think?) Kate calls over to the guys that the fence is off. Do you notice how she and Jack let Daniel walk through first? Heh. She asks Jack, who she seems to be speaking to (today) if he thinks Daniel knows what he's doing. Jack says, "Sure hope so. There's no turning back now." And speaking of the point of no return, we cut to...

The Love Shack: Sawyer and Juliet pack up food and clothing, oblivious to Phil's muffled yowls from the closet o' kidnapping. Sawyer knows he screwed up big time, calling Kate "Freckles" in front of Juliet, so he's extra-solicitous now, telling her she called it when those "yahoos" showed up back on the island. Are those the yahoos that came back because they were listening to John Locke, who told them they had to go back to save your sorry hide, James? Yeah? I thought so. Thanks. He tells Juliet she ought to say I told you so. She's not stupid. She knows he's sucking up and she's in no mood. She says, "Maybe after we get to the beach," and turns from him. He puts his hands on her shoulders. "Hey, you still got my back?" She looks him straight in those lying eyes he can't hide and asks, "You still got mine?" He looks down, 'cause honey, you can't hide your lying eyes and seems to be struggling to find the right words to con his way out of this mess, when an alarm sounds. Outside, Hurley's got a backpack and the guitar case and... Jin. They see Radzinsky and the other dark-suited goons storming across the quad and know it's not good. Jin says something in Korean that sounds like honey chen chun. I may have no clue what he's saying, but I know exactly what he means.

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