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Your Mother's An Other?!

1977; Island: Kate thinks Daniel's plan is a mistake -- that it's crazy to talk about erasing everything about their lives since the crash. Jack says that since they poofed out of a plane and into 1977, he's getting used to the crazy. Daniel is just a little ahead of them when they hear the Others (talking, not whispering). Daniel looks down at Camp Richard, while Jack and Kate catch up. Before they can stop him, he tells them to wish him luck, and hustles down to the camp. Jack tries to call him back, but Kate tells him to let Dan go. When the first Other spots Daniel, Dan waves his gun and tries to get the guy to stay silent. He won't, though, probably because Dan doesn't look like he could hit the broadside of a barn. Mr. Other reaches for his rifle, so Daniel shoots at the ground twice and tells him to back up. He orders everyone not to move and says he only wants to speak to Eloise. He demands to see her a few times before Richard comes out of his tent and says that Eloise isn't "here right now." But please leave a message after the beep.

Dan knows Richard right away. It's less clear if Richard knows Dan, too, or if he just spots the recognition in Dan's eyes. Richard asks if they know each other, but Dan says it doesn't matter. "I need you to take me to Eloise." Richard repeats that she's not there, and starts to try to talk Dan into lowering his weapon. Dan closes in on him, though, and demands to know where the bomb is. "The hydrogen bomb I told your people to bury. Where is it?" Richard's eyes light up. He tells Dan to lower the gun and they'll talk. "Nobody has to get hurt." Oh man, that means someone's going to get hurt, and since I don't see Radzinsky anywhere nearby, I don't like my choices. Daniel tells Richard he's going to give him three seconds. "One, two..." A shot rings out. Daniel and Richard both jerk. And when Dan looks down, we can see he's the one who's been hit. Nooooooo! (Although I am glad it wasn't Richard.) He falls to the ground to reveal young (but not the youngest version of) Eloise standing behind him, holding a rifle.

Richard kneels down to tend to Dan while asking Eloise why she did that. She says, "He had a gun on you." Richard says he wasn't going to shoot him. Daniel looks up at the face of his mother -- the young mother who kept him from playing piano. His breathing is labored and shallow, his voice weak. "Eloise." A beat. "You knew. You always knew. You knew this was gonna happen, and you sent me here, anyway." Eloise sneers. "Who are you?" Daniel says, "I -- I'm your son." He gasps for air. Richard looks from him to Eloise. Eloise's eyes fill with horror, while the light behind Daniel's eyes is extinguished. DUN! Bad robot.

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