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Your Mother's An Other?!

Thirty Years Earlier: Daniel gets out of the sub on Craphole and greets a surprised Miles with a "Long time no see." Miles knew Daniel went to Ann Arbor, and can't figure out why he'd come back. Our little California boy must never have endured a Michigan winter. Even us New Englanders are like, "No thank you, Mother Nature, Ma'am, Your Majesty, Ma'am." Daniel holds up that picture of the 1977 Dharma Recruits featuring Jack, Kate and Hurley. That thing gets around, doesn't it? He tells Miles: "This is what I'm doing here." When Miles tells him the Returnees got there a few days ago, Daniel demands to be taken to see Jack, right away. [I don't usually nit-pick this show, but he got a copy of that commemorative rec room photo (via 1977 technology, mind you) and requested a transfer to the island within the span of three days? Tell me more time travel was involved. - Zach] Now, it's pitch black when Miles and Daniel are at the dock, and Chang is blathering in the background about how he's sorry the people who've just arrived via sub can't get a good night's sleep. But when Dan and Miles get to Jack's, it's daylight. Granted, it looks like they woke Jack. He starts down his hallway wearing only his boxers, bless, and struggles to put on a T-shirt as he heads for the door, but when he opens it, it's daytime. No big. It just caught my attention. As soon as Jack opens the door, Daniel assaults him with 100 questions about how he got back to the island and 1977. Jack says, "We were on a plane, and then th..." Daniel asks who told him to get on a plane. Jack's still trying to wake up. "As a matter of fact, Dan, it was your mother." Daniel closes his eyes like he's flashing back to his days of adolescent angst and asks Jack how his mom convinced Jack to return. "Did she tell you it was your destiny?" Oh my word, Daniel's psychic. He, Hurley and Miles should go on the road together. Jack's less excited than I. "Yeah. That's exactly what she said." Daniel's the bearer of bad news. "You don't belong here at all. She was wrong."

Theme Song!

Late '80s/Early '90s -- Who Can Tell; Off Island: A metronome keeps time as a young boy plays Chopin's Fantasie-Impromptu (right after the 1:08 mark [yeah, no, really] you'll hear the part played on the show). And before my old Music Appreciation prof. tears his rotator cuff patting himself on the back, I'll note I only knew the song because in it, I could hear the melody from "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" and then Google and Wikipedia did the rest. His mother walks in, looking disturbed. She might even be sweating, and she's English, yo. She's Eloise Hawking, and he's wee Daniel Faraday. Daniel, genius that he is, notices his mother's in a tizzy and asks if she didn't like his playing. She loved it, but she wants to quiz him on his vocabulary work instead, I guess, because she asks him the definition of destiny. Even though his teeth are already in braces, he claims he doesn't know what destiny means. She figures if he's lying, she can, too, and says, "Destiny means that if one has a special gift, then it must be nurtured." She stops the metronome and asks him how many beats it counted since he started playing. Daniel says, "864." The wee Daniel who lives on my bookshelves pops out and says, "I'm an excellent driver." His mother's face is smug as she talks about how his gift is his mind, which is meant for science and math, and there's no time for music. Did you hear him play "Fantastie-Impromptu," Mum? Those aren't his only gifts, and they're likely linked, anyhow. Young Daniel says he'll "make time" ~~doo doo doo doo~~ but his mother says, "If only you could," and we jump to...

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