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Your Mother's An Other?!

1977; Island: Jack wants to know what Daniel meant about his mother being wrong, but he's off to the Orchid with Miles as his chauffer. So, Jack goes to see Sawyer and tells him Faraday's back. Sawyer says he's a little busy, but Jack notes that it's 6:00 AM. Juliet, who is standing there dressed -- and therefore is not what Sawyer was busy with -- says, "James, tell him." So Sawyer tells him about punching Phil's lights out after he showed up with the tape of Sawyer and Kate squirreling wee Ben Linus past the pylons and out to Camp Richard. Oh, and shows him Phil tied up in the closet.

The Orchid: Wide-eyed and wild-eyed, Daniel reads through his ever-present journal. Right after Miles asks if they're waiting for something, Dr. Pierre "Daddy Issues" Chang rides up in the passenger seat of a Dharma blue VW Bus. Daniel tells Miles he'll be back in 10 minutes and hurries after Chang. He flips through his journal as he rides the elevator down the shaft into the bowels of the Orchid, and then watches in real time a scene we first saw in "Because You Left." Still going on my theory that copying yourself isn't plagiarism, I (re)give you this:

The construction foreman asks Chang what he wants him to do. Chang orders him to do nothing, explaining that drilling even one centimeter further risks releasing all that energy. "If that were to happen -- God help us all." If the energy turns out to be glow-y and green, with shiny, shiny hair, I'm so calling it Dawn. Forewarned is forearmed.

Another worker reminds Daniel this is a hardhat site, so Daniel puts one on, and then picks up a tank. I sure hope it's not oxygen, because there are a lot of sparks down there. He makes his way toward the construction accident. Since Carlton and Damon don't shy away from it, I'll now copy myself, some more:

Chang storms off [from the foreman] and bumps into a worker whose face he doesn't see -- but we do; it's Daniel Faraday. He apologizes as Chang yells at him. With Chang gone, Daniel heads straight for the foreman. As the crew carries out the still unconscious bloody-nosed drill operator, the foreman says to Daniel, "Did you hear that? Time travel! How stupid does that guy think we are?" Daniel had better never play poker, because he tries for a, "Shahhhh, really, what a loon" face but ends up with a "My burrito disagrees with me; I hope I don't hurl on my shoes, stop looking at me STOP LOOKING AT ME" face, instead.

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