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Your Mother's An Other?!

Oxford; Dan's Commencement: Daniel and his girlfriend/research assistant Theresa Spencer meet up with Eloise Hawking after graduation. Dan's hair is bad here, man. I mean, it's not Jack's-beard-bad, but it's maybe Ben's-wig-bad. Shoot, I can't sell that, primarily because it's entirely possible that Jack's gawdawful beard maybe wasn't Ben's-wig-bad. And well, it doesn't take my breath away to see the youthful, 40ish Jeremy Davies get his Ph.D. or whatever, the way it did to see the 54-year-old Michael Emerson play a 24 year old killer/Boy Scout/Babynapper. Anyhow, none of that is the point, is it? The point is -- well, you know how cold ice is? Yeah. Eloise's treatment of Theresa makes ice feel like molten lava.

Kashmir Curry Restaurant; Oxford, England: Eloise finally gets Daniel alone at lunch and makes it clear to him that he has no more time for women than he had for the piano. What's he going to do with his fingers while his head's doing all of that math? Mum prophesizes that the women in her son's life will only be terribly hurt. Oh. I really hate Eloise in this episode -- and if you didn't watch it and don't yet know why, you will -- but she's got a point, there. Hmmm. Perhaps she's acting on insider information. Darn. I want to hate her, but what if she's just protecting her son (and any woman who might love him)?

Eloise says that Daniel's work must always come first. Daniel whines that she's always pushed and pushed him. Kid, you just graduated Oxford. You really don't have to do what Mummy tells you to do, anymore. Smarten up. Everyone's laughing at you. He goes on about how he's the youngest doctor ever to graduate Oxford and he just got a £1.5 million research grant. Eloise's ears perk up at that, and she asks who Daniel's benefactor is. He can't remember at first. Then says, "Some industrialist. Widmore, I think. Charles Widmore." Eloise blinks, shakes her head, opens her eyes and lowers her voice to a whisper. She doesn't want to fight with him. She just came to congratulate him. She hands him the blue-wrapped box and rises. "Good luck, Daniel. And I do hope you know that I mean that." She then swoops majestically from the restaurant, flying monkeys carrying her train. Daniel opens the box to find the journal. He reads the inscription:

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