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1977; Sawyer and Juliet's Love Shack: With Juliet and Jin present, Sawyer tells Kate, Jack and Hurley that the party is over. "I know y'all just showed up. The rest of us have been here for the past three years. This is our home." He and Juliet share a look, although her look seems to be saying Guess how many Valium I just downed? Sawyer continues: "The last thing I wanna do is leave, but we ain't got no choice." There's not much time before someone realizes Phil's missing. Their two choices are to commandeer the sub, or to head back in the jungle. Am I the only one who keeps forgetting Jin now has an awesome command of the English language? It delights me when he says, "I'm not getting on that sub if there's a chance that my wife is still on this island." Hurley agrees, not because Sun's his wife, obvo, but because if they decide to hightail it off Craphole, well then there wasn't much sense coming in the first place. As Sawyer tries to get the rest of the gang's input, there's a knock at the door. He grabs his gun. It's all very tense-like, but not actually tense, because we know darn well it's only going to be Daniel and Miles at the door. This time.

When Sawyer sees Daniel, he sighs as if he'd rather it had been the Dharma Goon Squad, which is just weird. I'd like to see him exasperated less often, so that it affects me when he's exasperated for a reason. Sawyer shows his newest guests some of that good old island hospitality. "Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy. Good to see you again. Pound cake's in the kitchen. Help yourself to the punch." I don't think there's any cake. Or punch. Mean. After Daniel walks past him, he asks Miles if Dan is still crazy. Miles says, "It's on a whole new level, man." Heh. Poor Daniel. This might be the most forthright and lucid he's been since got off the freighter in 2004, and everyone thinks he's nuts. Dan apologizes to Jack for having been rude before but then jumps right to his point. He wants to know if anyone knows where he can find the hostiles. Kate's the Kate-Who-Swallowed-The-Canary, so Juliet asks Dan why he needs to know. Dan says, "Because one of them is my mother, and she is the only person on this island who can get us back to where we belong." Commericial.

2004; Essex, Massachusetts: Daniel Faraday watches in tears as his TV reports the discovery of the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage. Caroline tries to talk about the discovery, but he's too upset. They're interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Charles Widmore. Caroline, haven't you ever heard you don't invite vampires in your home? Daniel weeps as he apologizes for not recognizing his visitor and explains that he has a condition that affects his memory. Widmore looks different... kindly, here. He tries to put Daniel at ease by explaining they've never met. When he introduces himself, Daniel remembers that Widmore was his research benefactor. When he says he meant to thank Widmore before he left Oxford, Widmore corrects him. "You mean -- before you were dismissed." Okay, scratch kindly. Daniel sobs that he tested it all on himself and wouldn't have ever hurt Theresa, except for you know, how he totally did. Widmore explains that he's there to offer Daniel a real opportunity. Daniel tries to beg off but he's too disturbed the by reports on Oceanic 815 to concentrate. Widmore decides to put Daniel at ease in his own special way. "Daniel, what if I told you they're not dead? What if I told you the plane was a fake? An elaborate, expensive fake." And how would Widmore know that? Because he put it there. Daniel says, "Well, why would you tell me that?" Widmore doesn't blink. "Because come tomorrow, you won't remember I did." Oooh, burn, but... these people are insane. Not poor, crazy Dan (although yes, him), but his mean, crazy parents. Clearly, you've caught on by now that Widmore is Daniel's father, right? I didn't want him to be. I thought he and Ellie came across more as siblings than lovers in "Jughead," so I wanted him to be an uncle or something, but nope. There's too much him and Ellie in this episode for it to be anything else. And this poor, broken boy is the result of these two Ring Wraiths and their unholy union. Widmore continues, because it's not like Dan will remember. "Daniel, the real Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on an island -- a special island with unique scientific properties. I want to send you to the island. It will further your research, show you things you'd never dream of, but more importantly it will heal you, Daniel -- your mind, your memory." Dan can't quite believe this, but Widmore nods, encouragingly. Finally, Daniel stammers out, "W-why are you doing all this for me?" Widmore says, Luke, I am your father. All right, no. He goes on about Daniel's tremendous gifts and yada yada. Daniel says Widmore sounds like his mother. Widmore smiles then laughs. "That's because we're old friends." Yeah, booty buddies. Daniel searches Widmore's face for answers to questions he can't remember, and we cut to...

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