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Your Mother's An Other?!

Sawyer and Juliet's Love Shack; 1977: Sawyer looks at Dan. "Your mother is an Other?" My husband Scott cracks up at this and rewinds it, even though it wasn't really played for laughs. He makes me promise to use that line as the headline for the recap, so I do. And honey, three weeks from now when you get around to reading this? Please pick up milk on your way home. Dan informs the rest of the Strand-aways that they met Eloise in 1954 -- she was the Commando named Ellie. Hurley says, "You guys were in 1954 -- like, Fonzie times?" Everyone ignores him, but I laugh, because he's so cute. Daniel says he just has to talk to his mother but won't get into more detail, so Sawyer tells him what I've been dying to, ever since he confessed all to Chang. "I though you said we were supposed to lay low, 'whatever happened, happened'?" Yeah, Dan. I mean, don't freak out or anything, but really. Sawyer snaps that he won't tell Dan anything or let him go until he's a bit more forthcoming, so Jack jumps to Dan's defense. Oh, well, Dr. Jackass and Mr. Snide's polite exchanges were nice while they lasted. Jackass has a point though, whether they go into the jungle or on the sub, they don't belong where they are now. Snide snits, "Well, I belonged here just fine till you came back, Doc."

Ignoring Sawyer, Jack turns to Kate and asks her where the hostiles are. She plays dumb at first, but Jack tells her he knows that she and Sawyer snuck wee, dying Ben out to them. Sawyer tries to silence Kate but Jack points out that she can say whatever she wants to say. If I were Kate, I'd have walked out while everyone was discussing me as if I were their property. Finally, Jack says, "Kate, you made me promise to never ask what happened to Aaron, or why you came back here, but I know that reason isn't -- it isn't here. It's not now." Sawyer says, "Whatever her reason is, helping H.G. Wells here--" he gestures to Daniel who cringes, but I think that's a better name than Twitchy, Dan. Sorry, I interrupted: "Whatever her reason is, helping H.G. Wells here talk to his mommy ain't got nothing to do with it." Gah. That sentence sucks, even without my interrupting it. He looks at Kate long and hard, maybe hoping she will fix his syntax. "Come with us, Freckles." Juliet looks up at him, like, Oh hi, remember me while Kate looks up at him like I almost remember you calling me that. Juliet speaks first. "The code for the fence is 1-4-1-7-1-7." Her voice is measured, but her words burn like acid, just the same. Sawyer looks at her, wondering why she doesn't have his back this time. She just raises an eyebrow and continues talking to Jack and Kate. "You should take Daniel. It's over, here..." her voice breaks "...for us, anyway." Sawyer can't figure out how he went from having two girls to none, but that's usually how it works, Jimmy. Kate nods at Juliet. "Okay." She turns to Jack and says, "Let's go." Daniel's thrilled. He asks Miles to drive them, but Miles just silently tosses him the keys. It's not surprising that he's closer to Sawyer at this point, or more inclined to think Sawyer is sane (and therefore possibly right), but it's still interesting to see one of the Freighter Folk side with a Lost-away, just the same. As Daniel, Kate, and Jack leave, Sawyer tells them, "When you realize you've made a huge mistake, we'll be back at the beach, right where we started." Jack nods politely, and they're off.

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