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All change, she's having a baby

Sun and Jin, in a fancy office. Sun's feet, in impossibly high-heeled shoes, are shaking, so we can take it she's nervous. They're seated, holding hands, facing someone's desk. Behind them, in comes -- OH MY GOD IT'S DR. HANSO! Psych. It's just some regular doctor. He says hello to both of them, and asks after Sun's father, and sends his best. He doesn't ask after Jin's father, or order any maki. Sun pleasantly thanks him for seeing them so quickly, but Jin, again like Mr. T, ain't got time for the jibber-jabber, so he asks if the doctor has the results. "I'm afraid, the news is not good," he says. The ultrasound revealed endometriosis -- scar tissue -- blocking the fallopian tubes. Jin instantly pulls his hand away from Sun's. And that won't even be the least sensitive thing he does this scene. The doctor says that even with surgery, Sun's chances of conceiving are impossible. Sun looks stricken. Jin says there must be something he can do. The doctor says he can't, and he's sorry.

Meanwhile, Sun and Jin aren't looking at each other; Sun actually seems like she's scared to look at him. He's staring at the floor, and without looking up, he says, "Did you know about this before we got married?" She looks at him in disbelief. He says she must have had some idea, and she wants to know why she would keep something like this from him. "Oh, yes. I was trying to trap the son of a fisherman," she snaps. Ouch. Well, Jin started it. And if he can dish it out, I assume he can -- no, there he goes, stomping out the door, after knocking some papers off the doctor's desk. Now how's the doctor going to know whose sperm goes with whose eggs? Sun tries to maintain her composure, even though she's clearly regretting what she just said.

Back in the hatch, Jack's sitting around and Locke's fixing something, looks like, when they hear Ana bang on the armoury door saying she wants out. Jack rushes over to open it, and he and Ana stare at each other for a moment, and then Jack looks over at Henry, who totally snubs him. Look, just because they're holding you prisoner and interrogating and occasionally torturing you, that doesn't mean you can't be friends. And there's no excuse for rudeness.

Ana-Lucia tells Jack and Locke (I will not call them "Jocke") that Henry told her the same story he told them. Locke asks if she believes him, and Ana-Lucia says she wants more time with him. Locke says "he's all yours," but Ana's talking about tomorrow, so Henry has some time to think. Then, to Jack, she says, "If that's okay with you." "I didn't tell anyone, Ana," says Jack, and Ana's all, "No worries, man," and walks off, and Jack checks her out. Locke looks at the two of them, and we cut, presumably before Locke says, "You hittin' that?"

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