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Oh, You Said Move The Island

The chopper circles around the spot where the boat was. It's completely sunk, although there is still some flaming debris on the surface. Sun is screaming for them to go lower, but Jack tells her that there are no survivors visible. She keeps screaming, but Frank tells her that they didn't get much fuel and have to get back to the island. Jack finally stops her freakout by telling her that Jin is gone. Sun's devastated scream takes us into the flash-forward.

Sun, in heels and a beautiful suit, walks along a river with an old-timey bridge (European-style) in the background. Her cell phone rings. It's Sun's mother, who is taking care of Ji Yeon; she puts the baby on to speak with mama. Grandma gets back on the call and asks Sun where she is. She's in London, but will head back home as soon as she's taken care of some business. She sees four men exit a restaurant, so she ends the call. One of the men is Charles Widmore. He leaves the other three men, and Sun approaches him and asks his pardon for the interruption. She introduces herself as the managing director of Paik Industries. We learn that Widmore knows Mr. Paik at least on a social basis as he makes small talk about Mr. Paik's golf game. Hard-ass Sun: "Are you really going to pretend that you don't know who I am?" Widmore claims not to know what she's talking about. Even harder-ass Sun: "Yes you do know, Mr. Widmore. Just like you know that we've been lying all this time about where we were and what happened to us there. You and I have common interests." She reaches into her pocket. Alas, it's not for a gun or a switchblade, but for a business card. She tells him to call her when he's ready to discuss their common interests. Hardest-ass Sun: "As you know, we're not the only ones who left the island." And with that, she turns around and walks away. He asks her why she'd want to help him. She doesn't answer. (Also, if you're curious, there's an obvious bodyguard hanging out in the background, watching over Widmore.)

The Orchid. Ben continues to put metal into the vault while Locke demands to know why Ben killed Keamy and condemned the boat to destruction. Ben claims that it was an impulsive decision made in the heat of the moment. Ben: "Sometimes good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses. I'm sure you're going to do a much better job of separating the two than I ever did." I love it when Ben mocks Locke. It makes my job so much easier. Ben throws a switch that closes the door to the vault. Locke asks what Ben is doing, and then screams at him to answer. Ben: "If I were you, I'd duck." Locke does, and there's a small explosion in the vault. There's some sparking in the chamber, and Ben tells Locke that he has to change.

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