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Oh, You Said Move The Island

On the beach, Juliet is heavily into a bottle of Dharma rum. She looks unhappy. And then Sawyer swims up to the beach. He's shirtless, but he's still wearing his jeans. He'd be a lot less tired if he had taken those off. This is one of those times I wish this show were on HBO. He walks up to Juliet and says, "Nice day for a swim!" Drunken Juliet asks him what he's doing there, and he tells her he decided to take a dip. He notices the rum and asks what she's celebrating. She tells him she's not, and then nods off to the horizon. Where we can see the black smoke rising from the wreckage of the freighter. Sawyer: "That our boat?" Juliet: "It was." And it just now occurred to me that Sawyer must think Kate and the others were on the boat when it blew up. That'll give him some survivor's guilt. Commercials.

Orchid. Ben puts on a parka. In response to Locke's questions, he explains that he's going somewhere cold, but that Locke doesn't need a parka because he's not coming with Ben. Locke insists that he is, and points out that Jacob told Locke what they had to do. But Ben points out that Jacob didn't tell him how to do it, because he wanted Ben to "suffer the consequences." Locke asks, "What consequences?" Ben: "Whoever moves the island can never come back." Ben tells Locke to get on the elevator and go find Richard and the Others, who are waiting for him. They're "ready, willing, and able to share what they know." But not with us, I'm betting. Ben says that they will do whatever Locke tells them to do. I can already see that'll be a disaster. Ben says goodbye and offers his hand to Locke: "Sorry I made your life so miserable." They shake, and Ben walks away. Locke asks what he's supposed to tell the Others to do, and Ben tells him that he'll find his way.

Locke walks through the jungle until he comes to the Others. They do everything short of throwing palm fronds at his feet as they see him. Richard greets him: "Welcome home."

In the Orchid, Ben pulls the twisted metal out of the vault and finds a hole in the back wall. He crawls into it and makes his way down a tiny tunnel. The tunnel opens up a bit, and Ben finds himself looking down on some ice. He climbs down a ladder and uses his boot to crack through the ice. Another ladder continues down. Everything is covered with ice. As Ben descends, one of the rungs of the ladder shatters beneath his feet, causing him to fall on his ass. As he falls, the sleeve of his parka is torn and his upper arm is scratched pretty deeply. There are some stones with hieroglyphs on them in the room. There's also an old oil lamp, although there's plenty of indirect light in the room, so it's not really necessary. But that doesn't stop Ben from lighting it. And then we see that set into the wall is a wheel. It's set horizontally, and only half of it is sticking out from the wall. It's all spokes (eight in total) with no perimeter. It looks something like the wheel of a ship, but bigger and on its side. And covered with ice. Ben puts his hands on it, looks up, and says, "I hope you're happy now, Jacob." Ben tries to turn the wheel, but it's stuck. So he takes his Keamy-bashing crowbar, chips away some ice, and uses the bar as a lever to start the wheel moving. As it moves, there's a tremendous creaking noise. Once the wheel is loosened up, Ben throws down the crowbar and leans his whole body against the wheel. The creaking, grinding noise is pretty loud, but it's soon replaced by a combination of a low thrumming and a high-pitched whining. The Others can hear it at their camp. As can Juliet and Sawyer on the beach. And Daniel and the redshirts on the Zodiac. And the gang on the chopper. Ben keeps pushing, and the wheel slowly turns. As he starts to get it past 90 degrees, a bright light comes out of the wall behind the wheel. As the wheel gets to 180 degrees, the light becomes so bright that Ben fades to white. The same thing happens to the Others, and the pair on the beach, and the crew in the Zodiac. And then, from the chopper, we see the light get so bright that they can't see. And then it fades, and the island is gone, with just a circular inrushing wave to mark its passage. In the immortal words of Hurley, "Dude." Frank: "Where's the island? Where's the island?" Frank can't figure out where he's going to land. Jack suggests the other smaller island, but that's gone too. The fuel runs out, and Frank tells them to prepare to bail. As the rotors slow, the chopper slowly descends. Sayid manages to inflate and drop the life raft before they hit. And then the chopper crashes into the water, somersaulting over itself. Commercials.

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