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Oh, You Said Move The Island

The boat gets closer, and we can hear voices speaking Portuguese. The raft pulls up to the side of the boat, and we can see that it's named the Searcher. A sailor sticks his head over the side and then shouts out (in Portuguese) for Miss Widmore. Desmond looks like he's hoping for something that can't possibly be real because the disappointment would be too much. But it is real, as Penny appears on an upper deck and tells the sailor to throw a rope to the raft and pull them around to the stairs. Desmond shouts her name and then starts climbing a canvas ladder on the side of the boat. She runs down to the main deck and arrives just as Desmond climbs over the side of the boat. They approach each other slowly, each clearly fearing that this can't be real. And then... remember how I said Sawyer kissed the hell out of Kate? I was wrong. He only kissed the heck out of her. Because the kiss between Desmond and Penny leaves all other kisses in the dust. They're both crying when he asks her how she found him. Penny: "Your phone call. I have a tracking station." My question is how did she get from her apartment in London to a boat in the middle of the Pacific in the two days (or so) since Desmond called her? Desmond: "I love you, Penny. And I'll never leave you again." I really hope that turns out to be true.

Desmond and Penny walk up to the back of the boat, where the other survivors are getting out of the raft. As they each arrive on the deck, Desmond introduces them to Penny. Jack is last, and he wastes no time telling her that they need to talk. Commercials.

One week later (according to the title on the screen). Hurley and Sayid are on deck. Hurley asks the name of the place they're supposed to be, and Sayid tells him it's Membata. Hurley asks Sayid why they sailed 3,000 miles in order to go to another island. Sayid: "Because it's the only way to keep them safe." At the back of the boat, Jack and Frank put the raft back in the water and Desmond throws a couple of long boards in the raft. Jack asks how long it will take to land, and Frank thinks it should be about 8 or 9 hours: "Just long enough to give you a nice, convincing sunburn." They say goodbye. Penny hands Aaron off to Kate. And this is the one bit that makes no sense. Nobody would have expected them to return with a baby, so they could easily have left Aaron with Penny. If Kate really wanted to raise him, I'm sure there could have been some way to later on arrange a fake foreign adoption. Or better yet, Kate could have just not come back with the others. Penny could probably help set her up with a new identity, and then she'd avoid that potential prison sentence. Putting Aaron on the raft for another 8 or 9 hours and then trying to pass him off as Kate's just seems stupid. I'm sure the writers have their reasons, but it seems very contrived. Desmond asks Jack if he's sure about doing what he's doing, and Jack asks if Desmond is sure about what he's doing. Desmond thinks that he'll be fine as long as he's with Penny. Jack: "Don't let 'em find you, Desmond." Oh, you mean Penny's dad? Good luck with that. Jack: "Then I'll see you in another life, brother." Desmond: "Aye, I guess you will." Jack tells the others that it's time to go home. Jack, Sayid, Kate, Aaron, Sun, and Hurley get in the raft. Using the wooden boards as makeshift paddles, Jack and Sayid start rowing in the direction of Sumba. Thanks to the magic of television, they arrive at a fishing village in moments. Villagers come down and pull the raft out of the water. And then our heroes are safe.

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