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Oh, You Said Move The Island

Freighter. Desmond, Michael, and Jin are still in the room with the C-4. (Based on the rack of weapons on the wall, that room is the armory.) Desmond spent some time on explosive ordnance disposal duty when he was in the army. How long you ask? In Desmond's words, just long enough to learn how to blow himself up. But also long enough to identify all of the key features of the set-up confronting them. There's no timer, but there is a radio receiver that will initiate a big explosion if it receives a signal. And there's a car battery powering the whole thing. And pretty much anything they do to try to defuse the bomb will cause it to explode. Keamy may be an evil bastard, but he's pretty competent. Credits.

The Orchid. Jack asks Locke what he's doing, and Locke tells him he's trying to find the entrance to the Dharma station that's underneath the greenhouse. Jack wants to know what he plans to do when he gets in, and Locke asks Sawyer and Hurley to give them a few minutes alone. Jack points out that he only came for Hurley, and starts to walk away. Locke thinks Jack needs to hear what he has to say, but Jack only feels the need to get to the chopper and get the hell off the island. Hurley tells him that it's probably not such a great idea to head back to the chopper, since Keamy and his buddies were headed there with Ben. Hey, if Jack and Sawyer were coming from the chopper to the Orchid and Keamy and his gang were going from the Orchid to the chopper, how did they not run into each other? Jack doesn't ask that question; instead, he asks why Ben would surrender to Keamy. Locke has a sly look on his face, but he doesn't say anything.

Speaking of Ben, he's being led through the jungle by the soldiers. Keamy asks Ben why he's so important that Widmore would pay lots of money for his capture. Ben asks if Widmore ordered Keamy to kill his daughter. Both questions go unanswered as they arrive at the chopper and see Frank, still handcuffed to the bench, using tools from the toolbox to try to get the cuffs off. Keamy shouts at Frank and asks who gave him the toolbox. Before Keamy can apply any real pressure on Frank, there's some noise in the trees. The soldiers go into alert mode. And then Kate runs out of the tall grass. Keamy asks her who she is and why she's running through the jungle. She introduces herself, and tells him that Ben's people are chasing her.

Keamy sends two soldiers to guard the perimeter and orders Kate to her knees next to Ben. The soldiers hear the whispering of the Others for the first time, and they're just as creeped out as anyone would be. One of the soldiers sent to patrol is taken out by an Other who drops down on him from a tree and garrotes him. The other is taken down by a rope around his legs -- but he gets a shot off before he falls, alerting the remaining soldiers to the location of at least some Others. And then it's all shoot, shoot, shoot, as the soldiers and others exchange gunfire. One of the others uses a blowgun to shoot a cool electric dart into somebody's neck, which is kind of awesome. Kate tells Ben to stay close to her, and then tells him to run. Keamy aims his gun at him, and then notices a grenade that's landed near the chopper. I say "notices," but he only sees it when Frank points it out. Keamy kicks the grenade away from the chopper -- and it lands directly at the feet of Omar. And blows him up. Way to go, Keamy. He may be less competent than I thought.

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