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Oh, You Said Move The Island

Keamy's the only soldier left, and he takes off after Ben and Kate. And now instead of shoot, shoot, shoot, it's run, run, run. Ben trips like a virgin in a horror movie, but Kate runs back and pulls him to his feet. Just as Keamy starts to catch up, Sayid jumps out of the bushes and tackles him. So now it's fight, fight, fight. Keamy's rifle is gone, but he still has his handgun, and they each try to grab it as they fight. It gets knocked aside, and they fight over Keamy's knife. It's pretty evenly matched (although Sayid does take an opportunity to stab Keamy with his own knife), but Keamy finally ends up with Sayid pinned down with a branch across his throat. Just as it seems Sayid's number is up, Richard Alpert shoots Keamy in his bullet-proof-vest-enclosed back. The Others emerge from the trees, and Kate runs up to Sayid and helps him to his feet. We see that Keamy is lying there with his eyes open. So he must be dead, no need to check his pulse or anything. Ben politely thanks Richard for coming after him. I can't wait to get the back-story on why this relationship is so strained. Kate picks up Keamy's knife, and Ben asks her to cut his plastic restraints. As she does so, Ben asks Richard what arrangement he made to get Kate and Sayid's help. Richard tells him that the deal was that they get to leave the island. Ben thinks that sounds fair, and tells them that the helicopter is theirs to use. Kate seems stunned to hear that Ben will let them go, and she asks him, "So we can go? Off the island? That's it?" Ben: "That's it." Oh, that's never it. Commercials.

Flash-forward. Hurley's sitting in the common room of the mental hospital trying to open a fruit chew snack when a nurse leads a familiar-looking black woman over to him. She asks if he's Hurley, and then asks him if he's dangerous. Only if you're a pastry, lady. Hurley asks if he knows her, and she tells him that he doesn't, but he knows her grandson. Hurley peers behind her and sees Walt standing there. I'm sorry, I mean Giant-Sized Walt. Grandma tells Hurley that they've traveled all the way to California just so Walt could see Hurley, but she'll only let her grandson talk to Hurley if the certifiable lunatic assures her that he's not dangerous. He does, and Grandma leaves him alone with Giant-Sized Walt. Hurley says hello, and Giant-Sized Walt responds. Although it sounds like he's been dubbed by James Earl Jones, that's how deep his voice has gotten. GSW tells Hurley that when the Oceanic Six came back, he waited for one of them to get in touch with him, but none of them did. Hurley apologizes, but I seem to recall they assigned that job to Aaron, so I don't know what he's sorry for. But someone did come visit GSW -- one Jeremy Bentham. GSW tells Hurley that he doesn't understand why Hurley and the other survivors are lying about what happened. Hurley looks around to be sure they're not being spied on, leans in, and tells GSW, "We're lying because it's the only way to protect everyone who didn't come back." GSW asks if that includes his father. Hurley tells him it does. Which, as we'll learn, is not true. But if Hurley really thinks they need to keep lying, making Walt think that he's protecting Michael is a good way to get him to go along with the lie.

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