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Oh, You Said Move The Island

The Orchid. Locke is trying to save Keamy's life so his heart won't stop and the freighter won't blow up. He tries to enlist Ben's help, but Ben just tells him it's not his problem. Before Keamy dies, he tells Ben that whatever Ben does, Widmore will find him. Ben: "Not if I find him first." And then Keamy dies and the transmitter on his arm changes from green to red. If Locke had tried chest compressions, wouldn't that have maybe registered as a heartbeat to the monitor? Or maybe he could have taken a gun and just shot the transmitter to bits, hopefully preventing it from sending the signal? Is it wrong of me to wonder these things?

On the freighter, the light on the radio receiver changes from green to red. (If I ever make a bomb, the lights are going to be yellow and purple, just to screw with people's expectations.) Michael tells Desmond and Jin to get out of the room and get everyone off the boat, since there are only about five minutes' worth of nitrogen left. They both stand there in shock until Michael yells at them to go. And then former mob enforcer Jin hustles bomb expert Desmond out of the room while remaining behind to apply his mob enforcer knowledge to disarming the bomb. So Jin threatens to break the bomb's kneecaps while Michael keeps freezing the battery with the nitrogen.

The chopper approaches the freighter while Desmond runs through the lower decks. He gets to the main deck and, instead of shouting for people to abandon ship, just starts waving off the chopper. Somehow, over the noise of the chopper, Sayid is able to hear Desmond shout something about a bomb. But it doesn't matter, because they're out of fuel. Down below, they're almost out of nitrogen. And back on deck, someone has finally told the rest of the crew to get the hell off the boat, because people are grabbing life preservers and jumping into the water. Sun stares towards the entrance to the lower deck, clearly thinking about Jin. Desmond tells Jack and the others about the bomb while Frank patches one of the holes in the fuel tank with some duct tape. As soon as they patch the other hole (from where the bullet exited) they can pump some more fuel into the tank. Everyone speeds into action, but then Kate notices Sun headed towards the hatch. She's still holding Aaron, and Kate asks her where she's going. When Kate hears that she's going after Jin, Kate offers to get him for her so she can stay above decks with the baby.

Down below they have almost run out of nitrogen. Jin's mad coercion skills have not proven useful, and Michael tells him to go. Jin wants to stay with his best bro, but Michael reminds him that he's going to be a dad and has to take care of himself and his family. Jin thanks Michael and runs for it. On the deck, Frank tells Jack that they've got to take off. Jack grabs Kate and stops her from going after Jin. The chopper takes off with Frank, Hurley, Sun, Aaron, Desmond, Kate, and Jack, but no Jin. He arrives on deck as it's only twenty feet in the air, but Frank can't (or won't) set it back down. Yunjin Kim is absolutely amazing in this scene, as Sun screams for Jin and tries to convince the others to get him. Down below, Michael finally runs out of nitrogen. He hears some whispering, and then looks up to find Christian standing in the room with him. Christian: "You can go now Michael." Michael: "Who are you?" And then the freighter blows up. Great effects, and more heartrending screaming from Sun. Commercials.

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