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Adultery Education

Cut to a picture of Christian, propped on an easel next to a podium. Jack is speaking, telling a group of people, "About ten months ago, I wrote what I wanted to say at my father's funeral on the back of a cocktail napkin at the Sydney airport." He tells them that his father was a big alcoholic who only went to wakes for the free booze... but in a nice way. And then he notes that he won't even be able to bury his father. Which leads me to wonder why he's having this funeral ten months after the crash? I could see doing it right after getting back to L.A., and I could maybe see having some kind of memorial on the anniversary of his death. But just around six months after getting back home? Anyway, Jack finishes speaking, and you can see that he's actually maybe made some kind of peace with his memories of his father, telling the assembled mourners that he loved and misses his father.

Jack and his mother shake people's hands as they leave the church. And then she goes home, leaving Jack alone with Kate and Aaron. And a blonde Australian woman who looks vaguely familiar. Jack asks her how she knew Christian, and she tells him that she's the reason Christian was in Australia when he died. He wasn't there to see her, but to see her daughter... who was also Christian's daughter. And Jack's half-sister. And whose name is Claire. DUN DUN! Except it's more of a "eh, eh," since we already knew that. On the way out of the church, Claire's mom stops and admires the beauty that is Aaron, without realizing she's looking at her own grandson. Commercials.

Freighter. Michael is telling Sun about how he made his way back to the U.S. after leaving the island. Sun asks him if it's true that he works for Ben. Michael denies it, claiming he was trying to save everyone on the island. Michael asks Sun to translate what he said for Jin, but Jin tells him that he understood it. And then Desmond sticks his head out a door and screams for Michael to come help him. Michael follows him, with Sun and Jin hot on his trail. They enter a cabin, where they find a huge pile of parcels wrapped in brown paper, each labeled "C-4 explosive!" I think if you're going to put punctuation on your package of explosives, this is one time you could go ahead and use multiple exclamation points. There are lots of wires attached to the explosives. Jin says something to Sun in Korean, and when she hesitates, shouts "now!" in English. She leaves.

Sayid and Kate are in the jungle. Kate's tracking, and then realizes that the tracks she's found don't belong to Jack or Sawyer and that they're doubling back behind them. She pulls out her gun, and Sayid shouts for whoever it is to come out at once. Richard Alpert comes out of the trees with both hands held high. He asks them to drop their guns and keeps walking towards them. Kate shouts at him to stop, but he doesn't. And then about a million Others step out of the jungle, all pointing guns as Kate and Sayid. They decide that this would be a good time to surrender. Also, the Others are once again dressed in their old-timey frontier outfits instead of the Land's End clothes they wore at New Otherton.

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