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Sacrificial Ham

Shepherd confirms this is good, then explains about the frozen donkey wheel. It seems it has slipped off its axis, and all Locke has to do is give it a little push. Locke asks for help getting up, but Christian says he's sorry, he can't help. Make that Spirit Sherpa Shepherd, I guess. (Or Smokey. Or Jacob. Or just an obstinate ass.) And with his shin still sticking out of his...shin, John Locke rises up to face the future. He steadies himself on a column, and peers around it to see the wheel. It buzzes and flashes. Ignoring his own suffering, Locke moves forward toward the wheel which is moving back and forth, which explain all the jumps. And so much for sentience (or maybe not -- maybe this is what it would do unchecked, and what it would want to do, and maybe there's a reason for it and oh, the Cindy that lives in my rationality drawer says, "Let's put this recap to bed," so I will). Locke has a little trouble moving the wheel at first, but the trouble just seems to be getting it back on track. He's pulling it, not pushing it, and he backs himself up against the wall. Once it's on its course, the wheel moves quite easily for Locke (see, sentience), particularly when compared to how Ben struggled with it last season. A flash revs up. The underground chamber fills with light. The camera pans to Shepherd who says, "Say hello to my son." Before they're overwhelmed by the light, Locke asks, "Who's your son?" and then FLASH!

Jack, Ben and Sun finally reach their destination -- a church. Ben asks Sun's permission to reach in his pocket. When she nods, he takes out Jin's wedding ring and gives it to her as proof that Jin lives. She doesn't understand how he has it. Ben says that John gave it to her, and Jack -- who is finally getting more on the ball by the moment -- reminds Ben that he told him John never came to see him. Ben slips easily back into Otherese: "That's true, Jack. I went to see him." Yeah, in a casket you slippery eel. He says Jin gave it to John before he left the island. Sun wants to know why Locke didn't tell her, himself, leaving me to wonder what is meant there. Did Locke go see Sun and find himself unable to fulfill the promise, or is this clunky dialogue meant to be understood as, "Why didn't Locke come see me and tell me, himself."

Ben speculates that maybe Locke never had a chance before he died, which makes me think Locke never saw Sun at all, but who can tell with this crazy show. We could spend the rest of the season cutting between the strand-aways noses bleeding, and Locke, Sun and Ji Yeon having tea and talking about the weather. And? I'd still be picking apart every syllable, trying to figure it out. Ben then presses his case with Sun. "I'm sorry I had to bring you here before I gave it to you Sun, but all those people back on the island, Jin included, need our help." Work it, weasel. "There is a woman in this church, and she can tell us how to get back to your husband, but we're running out of time, Sun. I need you to decide right now. Will you come with me?"

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