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Sacrificial Ham

Teary-eyed, Sun stares at the band of gold -- lying in her palm. When she looks up, the confident woman -- the woman who bought a controlling interest in her father's company; the woman who stared down Charles Widmore; the woman who encouraged Kate to commit murder if necessary; the woman who ordered herself an extra-special box of chocolates? That woman is gone. In her place is the frightened mouse who landed on Craphole and was too afraid to take off her sweater in the tropical heat. She looks at Linus. "Yes." He nods, and you can tell he's pleased he's manipulated her thusly. Evil.

A familiar Scots burr rings through the night. "What are y' doin' here?" DESMOND! Ben takes a moment to absorb who's just appeared before his buggy little eyes, then answers that they're probably there for the same reason Des is. Desmond's hair blows in the wind, and red lights flash behind him as he says, "You're looking for Faraday's mother, too?" Ben's eyes dart right, and then he turns that way and walks toward the church without a word to Jack, Sun, or Des. And again I wonder if Eloise Hawking (who most certainly must be Daniel Faraday's mother now and is, in all likelihood, Ellie from Camp Richard) is Charles Widmore's sister, and if Ben knows this, or if he's just figuring it out.

Ben walks into the church, followed by Sun, Jack, and then Des. Ben's wearing his poker face and says, "Hello, Eloise," just as Desmond is taking great care to shut the door. Eloise is lighting candles and extinguishes a long match in water, then turns toward the group. Poor Desmond's eyes fall out of his head and roll across the floor when he sees her, but she doesn't seem to acknowledge him.

Eloise says, "Hello, Benjamin," and then looks at his companions and adds, "I thought I said all of them." Ben says, "This is all I could get on short notice." Hawking takes a breath, exhales in a big sigh, and says, "I suppose that will have to do for now." She's a bit more cheery about this than I imagined she'd be. She might look at Desmond and smile right then, but he's not shown, and she seems to be sizing up the whole, small group, so it's too hard to call. "All right. Let's get started." Ben nods. And Eloise? She looks terribly pleased with herself. DUN!

Cindy McLennan also recaps How I Met Your Mother and is so glad that it's on hiatus for a couple of weeks, because Lost is still eating her brain. You can email her at CynthiaMcLennan[at]gmail.com and convince her to buy the Arrested Development DVDs, and of course your Lost theories are always welcome and wanted, too.

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