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Sacrificial Ham

Ji Yeon then says, "Come home, Mama! I miss you!" There are exclamation points in the subtitles, and everything. This child might be the most well-cast TV toddler, ever. She doesn't have that kids-show phoniness about her. She's just...well, she's so good, I'm pretty sure they've got her real mother on the other end of whatever phone line she's using. Even Halmoni Paik is delighted with her (of course she's the grandma, so er...never mind).

Sun struggles not to cry. "I'll be there soon." ...As soon as I blow out the brains of one of the men I hold responsible for your Daddy's death. I mean -- as soon as I figure out a way to pass off this little towhead as my own. I mean... "I love you, sweetie. Good-bye." Arrested Development fans are cracking up about Sun using the Korean word for goodbye there, because...of a...reason that...I do not know, since I never watched A.D. Yes, I know I should be ashamed. Anyhow, Sun hangs up the phone, picks up the gun (again!), exits her car, and heads straight for Ben who is now in the process of reminding Kate that Aaron is not actually her son (cheating, or time-travel rule breaking - you be the judge). Sun readies her weapon. Everyone turns to look at her, as she barks, "Move away, Kate." Jack holds out his hand, because he's such a gifted surgeon he can actually pinch a speeding bullet out of mid-air. Sayid looks on like you would have in high school, if you were hammered and a normally reserved kid was about to open an unexpected can of whup-ass on the class bully. He sort of knows maybe he should do something, but he really doesn't want to, because man, this is GOING TO BE AWESOME! Kate scurries to Sun's car to get Aaron, and although Jack tries to talk Sun out of killing Ben, she's not about to be dissuaded, because as she tells Ben, "If it wasn't for you, Jin would still be alive."

Ben says he didn't kill Jin and neither did anyone else, because Jin's not dead. Sayid and Jack stare at him. Jack almost looks like he wants to jump in, but if he were hammered and watching this fight in high school, this would be the moment where it looks like the bully might get the upper hand on the reserved kid, and while Jack doesn't want that to happen, he's really doesn't want to draw the bully's ire -- because the bully was just starting to treat him like a cool kid, which he really isn't -- not on the inside. Still holding the gun on Ben, Sun tells him he's lying, but Ben shakes his head. "Jin's still alive. And I can prove it." The music swells and we jump to...

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