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Sacrificial Ham

So anyhow, Haughty Snotty's in the hole, and that's a damned fine place for him, if you ask me. Throw his arm in too, Jin! He can't hear me. All the French people are too busy having noisy, Frenchified conniptions. They quiet down when Haughty Snotty starts yelling from the hole. He doesn't sound like a man who lost his arm. He sounds like a man being imitated by a Smokeosaurus, and I really couldn't be more thrilled by this development. Anyhow, Smokey Frenchifies that he's hurt and that they should all come in the hole because it is gone, now. Robert wants to go in. Jin gives him the, "No you don't, Mister," finger-in-face, but Robert and the rest of the guys all ignore Jin and any semblance of common sense they once had. Danielle wants to follow behind them, but Jin stops her and reminds her of her baby. She contents herself with grabbing her rifle and watching the hole. Just then, there's the buzzing sound of an imminent time-travel flash. The sky grows bright and Jin writhes in pain from the noise and light -- the noise and light that Danielle can neither see nor hear, because she's in the right time for her. It is only Jin who is not when he's supposed to be. Only Jin is lost in time. Oooooooooh. And then FLASH! Jin is in front of the Temple, alone. He checks out the Hieroglyphics. The hole is still in the ground at the Temple's base, and he nearly trips over a decomposing arm -- just another happy reminder that Haughty Snotty got his, so I don't understand why Jin looks so sad. Don't be sad, Jin. The bad French man is dead, or will be soon enough. Hush, dear. Jin takes off in the other direction. He scales a hill and is clearly feeling the heat of the day. He drinks dew from a leaf (I'm not writing fan fic -- I swear he does this). He turns and in the distance, sees a column of smoke rising in the sky, and heads off in that direction. Finally making his way to shoreline, Jin happens upon a ramshackle camp of sorts. A fire is all but smoldering embers now. He finds a music box (Danielle's -- the one Sayid fixed -- remember), a bag and some other stuff, and then hears the buzzing of flies. He stumbles past a violin, waves away the flies, and finds two corpses lying on the beach. It's Lacombe and Brennan (I think). There's shouting in the distance. Jin hides in the verge and approaches the source...

Danielle and Robert -- they're both armed. Robert's weapon is at his side. Danielle's is locked and loaded, and she screams at him to drop his gun. Robert calmly pleads with her to put down her gun and reminds her that he loves her. She yells that he is not Robert -- that he is someone else -- that the smoke monster changed him. He asks why she is doing this. She says he is sick -- the monster made him sick. Robert explains to Danielle that "it" is not a monster, but a security system that guards the Temple. He talks her into lowering her weapon, professes his love yet again, and says he doesn't want anything to happen to her or their baby. Danielle looks horrified, but acquiesces. She lowers her rifle and Robert raises his and fires. Jin looks on in shock, but the gun doesn't fire. Danielle removed the pin. She raises her weapon, fires, and shoots Robert right between the eyes. He falls dead in the sand. Jin rushes toward her as all this is going on, but Danielle reloads and says to Jin that he disappeared -- he's sick too. Now, I don't know if this means the rest of the French crew got time-jumping sickness from Smokey, or if they just got some sort of Smokeosaurus fever, and Danielle's comment is intentionally confusing. But? WHATEVER! Because she's shooting at Jin. And shooting. And shooting. He runs off into the jungle and then there's a buzzing and a bright light and a FLASH! (Thank heavens.) Remember last week when I wondered if the flashes have some sort of sentience or purpose? That scene there has me thinking they do. Jin flashes just long enough to see Danielle off Robert and then flashes again, before she can actually shoot him? C'mon. I'm just saying.

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