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Sacrificial Ham

Jin is face first in the dirt. He rises and behind him, he hears a gun cock. A voice tells him to turn around slowly. IT'S SAWYER! Once they finally recognize each other, their reunion is just priceless. They both grin ear to ear and Sawyer rushes at Jin for a hug. Awww. Remember when nobody on the island liked either of them? Sawyer tells Jin he thought he died when the freighter blew up, but Jin says he landed in the water. Sawyer squeaks out something adorable like, "What do you say?" and laughs. Juliet and Locke happen upon this and Jin eyes them then turns back to Sawyer. "Where is Sun?" And we cut to commercial. When we return, Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte look on and discuss how Jin got back, and Daniel exposits that Jin has been jumping threw time along with them. A few feet away, Sawyer explains the flashes and time travel to Jin, who yells at him in Korean and walks over to (Run) DMC. He tells Charlotte to translate for him. She knows he's talking to her, because he caught her listening in on him and Sun last season, but she plays dumb, so Sawyer assumes Jin's talking to Miles, and says, "You heard the man -- translate." Miles says, "Um, he's Korean. I'm from Encino." HA! And no Miles, I'm pretty sure you're from Old/New/Whatever Otherton.

Jin addresses Charlotte in Korean. She looks around with a great who-me expression, then finally gives in. "He wants to know how you're sure his wife is off the island." Daniel looks at her like woah?! Charlotte seems pissed she had to out herself. Sawyer says, "You speak Korean, Red?" Miles says, "Obviously," and ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a match, don't you think? Miles and Sawyer, I hope there's lots of snarky back and forth in your future. And oh my word, what on earth is going on with Charlotte's shirt there? Oh. I see. It's a drop of blood. It's an unfortunately placed drop of blood. I really thought that was a nipple -- not an outline -- an actual nipple. Sheesh, wardrobe people. What's up with that? It's not only crass, it's offending my sense of symmetry. If you're going there, give the girl two, would you? There's a knock coming from inside my desk. It's the wee Locke who lives in my uppermost left-hand drawer. "Do I get to talk soon, Cindy? I haven't had much to do so far tonight, which is really strange since I'm pretty sure this all about me." Hush, wee Locke. TV Locke's going to talk, right now. He tells...wait, I'll quote, since someone's a little n-e-e-d-y. "Tell him, I'm sure. But none of it will matter if we don't make it to the Orchid." Charlotte gives Jin the rundown in Korean: the Orchid Station is a way off the island; Locke's going to use it to get the escape-aways to return, including Sun. Jin asks Locke why he's bringing Sun back. Locke explains that she never should have left. Uh...didn't Locke know about the island's pregnancy problem? That's a little harsh, there.

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