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Sacrificial Ham

Mainland; Long Beach Marina Slip 23; Evening: Sun's still going off on Ben, because she's spent the last three years thinking Jin was dead. She wants to see his proof -- she wants to know how Ben knows Jin is alive. Kate, who has gathered the still sleeping Aaron from Sun's car, approaches her own. Ben tells Sun there's someone in L.A. who can give her the proof, and that same someone will help them get back to the island. Kate turns on Jack -- accusing him of only pretending to care about Aaron as a ruse to get them to go back to the island. I think she's got you there, Jack. Actually, I think Jack does care for Aaron and I know he cares for Kate, but he was so uncomfortable about the lie (which he insisted they tell), and knowing Aaron was his nephew, that she's at least got him on a technicality. The first time he's chosen to get involved in a long time has to involve Ben and a plot to return to Craphole? Motives aside, it just doesn't look good, Doc. Jack tries to explain himself, but Kate is in no mood to listen. She gets in her car and prepares to drive off. It's then Sayid's turn to storm off. Ben calls out to him, so Sayid tells him he wants no part of this. He then turns to Jack and says, "And if I see you or him (Ben) again, it will be extremely unpleasant for all of us." Kate's tires squeal to spell out, "Don't mess with the Sayid!" Sun's still got her gun right up against Ben's throat, so he knows he's got to cut his losses with Sayid and Kate for now, and save his own hide. He convinces Sun to give him thirty minutes to get her to the person who has proof Jin is alive, pointing out that she can shoot him -- but then she'll never know. Jack's not sure which side he's on. Finally, Sun says, "Let's go," and she, Jack and Ben walk toward the Reincarnation Van.

Craphole Island; Day:

Jin's English improves dramatically as the strand-aways approach the Orchid. He tells Locke he wants to go with him, but Locke insists he must leave the island alone and promises to bring Sun back. He walks off ahead of Jin and Jin gaze-burns holes in the back of Locke's head. (Hi, Mindy.) Charlotte's condition worsens as they make the trek. Daniel asks her if she speaks and other languages, but she says, "Just Klingon." Hee. I wonder if she learned Korean at the feet of Dr. Pierre Chang, as she played with his little boy Miles. Hmmmm? Daniel tells her although it makes empirical sense that the temporal shifts can be stopped at the Orchid if that's where they started, but this theory about bringing back the escape-aways: "That's where we leave science behind." She sort of stumbles back, and Daniel asks if she's okay. As she nods, another flash is ramping up, so Charlotte adds, "Oh, no!" Everyone is seems to be in great pain and we FLASH!

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