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Sacrificial Ham

Craphole Island; Night: Just as the strand-aways spool down their FTL drives, another flash starts buzzing at them. Charlotte cries in pain, and Sawyer yells, "Come on!" Everyone holds their heads and we see them moving in and out in a new shaky-cam visual effect. It sort of nauseates me.

Craphole Island; Day; Again: The strand-aways pant, hold their heads and try to recover. Charlotte swoons and falls flat on her back. Daniel calls her name and the rest of the gang gathers around her. Sawyer points out that Juliet's got a little nose blood, and she returns the favor BECAUSE SAWYER HAS A LITTLE NOSE BLOOD! He really should take off his shirt and use it as a hanky. Charlotte seems to come to, but like Teresa Spencer, Daniel's earlier victim/patient/subject, she's not "present." She meets Jin's eyes and starts talking to him in Korean. Sawyer asks what she's saying, and then she slips into English. "Don't let them bring her back. No matter what -- don't let them bring her back." And her is probably Sun, but it could be Ji Yeon, and Ji Yeon could be Miles' mother in the future-past and oh my word, my nose is bleeding again, too. Everyone looks at Charlotte, but Locke looks at her with some menace. Charlotte then gets to spout this week's title: "This place is death." The music spins up, out and onto a commercial.

Mainland; Night: Sun's angry because Ben's thirty minutes are up and they're still driving. He tells her he didn't account for traffic. Jack apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind. Everything was just happening so fast, but... he knows they should have waited for him. Sun wants to know why he's telling her this, now. "Are you going to ask me not to kill Ben if he's lying about my husband?"

Ben keeps his eyes front, but he's all ears. Jack says, "After what he just did to Kate -- if you don't do it, Sun, I will." Excellent. Welcome back, Jack!

Ben steers the van to the side of the road, and screams to a sudden stop. Jack yells at him -- asking him what he's doing. Ben looks like an angry mother, and I mean that in the angry, maternal don't-make-me-turn-this-van-around parent sense. "What I'm doing is helping you. And if you had any idea what I've had to do to keep you safe, to keep your friends safe, you'd never stop thanking me." Did you hear the near-hiss on both instances of safe. I swear I've said that word, just like that. Oh, dear. Ben looks to Sun then Jack and decides to go the Full Monty Mommy, breaking out the and-another-thing codicil that follows every good parental rant. "You wanna shoot me? Then shoot me! But let's get on with it." Yeah! If he weren't driving, he'd totally be tapping one foot, while standing with both hands on his hips. "What's it gonna be?" Sun's eyes say, Give me a moment, but her lips say, "Drive." Ben nods, puts the van back in gear and returns to the road. Chagrined as any chewed-out children would be, Jack and Sun remain silent. I've taken that ride; it's going to be a long one, even if you just have another block to go. I'm just saying.

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