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The End. With Questions.

Ben and Alex are taking a breather on their way to intercepting the Losties before they reach the radio tower. Alex wants to know why Ben let her come. He replies, "Because I am delivering you to your new family. You betrayed me Alex." She doesn't look as hurt as you might expect from someone who has just been told that they are being banished by their father. Instead she glares at him: "You locked Carl in a cage! You locked him in a room and tried to brainwash him!" Ben is unapologetic, "I didn't want him to get you pregnant. I guess I overreacted." Oh Ben, you always hurt the ones you love! Alex puts aside her hurt feelings to ask what we have all been wondering, "Ben, why don't you just let them leave?" Ben looks surprised, "Because I can't."

Locke may not be dead, but he is definitely sweaty and extremely dirty and has a hole in his shirt, so he may as well be. As he regains consciousness, he wiggles his arms and tries to wiggle his toes to assess the damage of Ben's gun blast. He realizes that he can't move his legs. He does not like this turn of events, so with great effort he grabs a gun out of the holster of one of the Dharma Initiates who were apparently dressed for the Old West when they died. Locke checks the barrel, finds that it's loaded, and points it at his head. Just as he is about to pull the trigger he hears a voice tell him, "Don't." He looks up and sees Walt (rather, he sees a Walt that grew six inches, went through puberty, couldn't get a new primetime show, was passed over for a spot on The Surreal Life, and finally was desperate enough to agree to a guest appearance on Lost) is standing at the edge of the mass grave telling him not to do it. He tells Locke to get up. Locke says that Ben shot him and he can't move his legs. Walt says that he can move his legs and he needs to get up. He has work to do. Locke smiles.

Jack stops to help Kate get a rock out of her shoe. Being a leader is so burdensome! As the Losties trail past, he crouches next to her and tells her that Sawyer didn't mean it when he said that he didn't want Kate to go with him. Kate scoffs, "If he didn't mean it, why did he say it?" Jack whips out his pocket Male-Female dictionary and translates that Sawyer was just saying it to protect her. That's the same reason why Jack told her not to come back for him. Kate rolls her eyes and asks why he is sticking up for Sawyer, "Because he would never do it for you." Jack looks at her and says, "Because I love you." They look at each other bashfully until Jack turns and walks away leaving Kate to scratch her head and concoct schemes to swipe Jack's dictionary so she can figure out what the fuck he is talking about.

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