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The End. With Questions.

Grizzly Jack is driving around in his Jeep, wearing sunglasses, and listening to the rock. He checks his mysterious and omnipresent newspaper clipping again and pulls over to park his car in what Hollywood location scouts must presume a marginal neighborhood looks like. He makes a call on his cell phone, but reaches a recording. He checks his clipping again and walks directly in front of a car and into a funeral parlor. The room is deserted except for a coffin. The funeral director asks him if he can help, Jack asks if was late, but the guy explains that there was no funeral just a viewing and no one showed up. The funeral director asks if he is friend or family and Jack says neither. The director asks if he should open the coffin, and Jack says no. And, honestly, who would say yes to that? The funeral director tells Jack to take his time and leaves him alone in the room. Jack looks at the coffin for a moment, sighs, chugs another pill, and then walks out.

Jack comes up to Rousseau on the trail to ask how much longer until they reach the radio tower. She says it is about an hour. Jack wants to know when the last time she was there and she informs him that she hasn't been there since she recorded the message sixteen years ago! She says that she will take them to the tower, but she is not leaving the Island with them. Why? Because there is no place for her there and this is her home now. Jack is about to argue with her when he realizes that Rousseau is totally right. What the hell would she do in modern-day France? Booby-trap the chateaus? Lurk in the bushes in the Tuileries? Pirate Radio Paris? Jack and Rousseau stop in their tracks when they spot Ben and Alex standing in their path. The Losties look shocked and Jack heads over to investigate. Ben shouts, "Hello Jack. We need to talk." You know, if they had tried that ninety days ago things really could have worked out differently on this Island. But then what the hell would we have been watching? Oh, right.

Mikhail puts his eye patch back on (thank God!) and leaves the signal room. He asks the Ladies if they can turn off the jamming signal. They say yes because they have the code. "Are you the only ones who have it?" "Yes." He then asks what would happen if the station flooded. They reply that the jamming signal would continue because the equipment is waterproof, so Mikhail asks why they needed to be down there. They say that they were just following orders. They trust Ben and they trust Jacob. If they started questioning orders the whole system --everything they've been working for -- would fall apart! Mikhail says they make an interesting point. And by "interesting point" he means "complete justification for murdering them." He pulls out his gun and takes out Kindly Brunette. Angry Blonde proves harder to kill, and while she is struggling after the first shot, Mikhail apologizes but he is following orders. Just as he is about to finish the job, Desmond barrels out of the closet, spear gun ablazin', and shoots Mikhail in the chest. Strangely, no Greenpeace activists throw themselves in front of the spear gun. Which I guess finally answers the nagging question of what is the difference between Mikhail and a humpback whale.

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