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The End. With Questions.

Ben asks for his walkie back, because there is something that Jack needs to hear. Jack for some reason (shocked by the sight of a walking, talking shrimp in coral lipstick, perhaps?) agrees and hands Ben the walkie-talkie. Ben gets Tom on the line and then explains to Jack that his men have Bernard, Sayid, and Jin held at gunpoint on the beach. Jack kicks himself for handing over the walkie and turns all crazy-eyed on Ben, "What's to stop me from snapping your neck right now?" Ben talks into the walkie, "Tom if you don't hear my voice in one minute, kill them all." Jack yells, "Aw nuts!" and kicks himself again. Ben puts the walkie-talkie down and you can hear the sounds of struggle and the occasional shout of someone telling Jack not to give in. Ben tells Jack to go get the phone. Jack won't do it; he is getting everyone off the Island. Ben says, "Forty seconds." Jack isn't budging, so Ben asks, "Why do you want to get off the Island so badly?" he then launches into a litany of reasons as to why Jack should stay: His father's dead, his wife left him. Is he just so desperate to get back to the Island? Um, Ben? I think you're overlooking one vital option: Maybe Jack just wants to get far, far away from you and your particular brand of crazy. Just a thought! Ben says, "Ten seconds. Just bring me the phone, Jack! I'm not bluffing!" Jack screams, "I won't do it!" Three shots ring out. Jack looks destroyed. He tackles Ben and beats him to a bloody pulp. He is crying and crushed. He grabs the walkie and asks Tom if he's there. Tom says he's there. Jack grips the walkie so tightly that it looks like it is going to crumble like a saltine; he says, "I'm going to lead my people up to the radio tower and I'm going to make a call and get them all rescued. Then I'm going to come back and kill you." Sometimes I forget that Matthew Fox is a good actor. Then scenes like this remind me.

The Ladies Auxiliary is down to one member. As Charlie pulls off the ropes that tied him to the chair, he asks Angry Blonde for the code. Desmond doesn't think she will tell him, but Charlie is confident because it's his destiny to turn off that signal. Desmond looks a bit concerned that Charlie is still on about his destiny based on a two-second psychic vision. Charlie tries to reason with Angry Blonde by pointing out that they are all going to die down there, Mikhail just killed her friend and shot her, and Ben apparently put him up to it. He then asks, "Are you a sodding idiot? You have an opportunity to make Ben very, very angry. Why would you not take it?" She laughs as much as a dying girl can laugh and tells him the code. Charlie doesn't get it until she is halfway done. He begs her to start over, but she is busy dying. She comes to enough to say, "Good Vibrations. On the keypad. Numbers then notes." Charlie is confused so Angry Blonde explains, "Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys. It was programmed by a musician." Then she dies. Good night, sweet Angry Blonde. I am so glad I never bothered to learn either of their names! One less piece of Lost trivia clogging up my synapses! Hallelujah!

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