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The End. With Questions.

Grizzly Jack is breaking into his hospital's medical supplies of Oxycodone. He pockets a handful and then empties a packet into his mouth. As he stumbles (literally) out of the supply room, he trips on the floor and gets busted by the Chief. Grizzly Jack squawks, "The beard. The beard made me do it!" Okay he actually claims he was just looking at the accident victim's chart because he wanted to find out what happened. The Chief says he left three messages for him, didn't he get them? Grizzly Jack weakly says his phone is broken. The Chief wants to have a talk. In his office. Now. Jack rolls his eyes and says that if he has something to say to him he can say it right there. The Chief sighs, sends some scrub nurse scurrying out of the room, and tells Grizzly Jack that before becoming a doctor he was a security expert at a high-profile Las Vegas casino and he knows everything that goes on in that hospital. He says that the woman from the accident went through surgery and was responsive and seemed fine, but then she described the series of events that caused her accident. That she was driving over a bridge and saw a man standing on the bridge ready to jump. This distracted her and she drove into the median and got hit by a van. The chief continues, "So the obvious question here, Grizzly Jack, is how did you get to that flaming car so fast? What were you doing on that bridge?" Hmm. I would think the obvious question is: what the fuck business is it of yours? Seriously. Grizzly Jack doesn't ask that question, but poses another: "Do you know how many years I have worked at this hospital? Do you have any idea of what I've been through?" The Chief really doesn't care, he is more curious about how many drinks Grizzly Jack has had. Grizzly Jack laughs and twirls down the hallway, "I tell you what? You get my father down here, and if I'm drunker than he is then you can fire me." Then he gets all aggro and mood swingy as druggies are wont to do, "Don't you look at me! Don't you pity me!" The Chief offers that he is just trying to help, but Grizzly Jack yells, "You can't help me!" He starts crying and walks off. Geez, junkies are so sensitive.

The Losties continue their incredibly long hike to the radio tower. Ben is bound and being led up the hill. Jack is still gripping the walkie-talkie when Hurley's voice comes through: "Attention Others! Come in Others! If you are listening to this, I want you to know that we got you bastards! And unless the rest of you want to get blown up, I suggest you stay away from our beach!" Jack stares at the handset and then asks, "Hurley?" Hurley is excited to tell Jack that he came back to the beach to save Juliet and Sawyer and he saved them all! Sawyer is leaning up against the van drinking a beer, but Jack can't see that through his walkie, so Hurley spells it out for him, "I saved them all! Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Bernard, and Sayid. I saved them!" The Losties all start cheering and Jack looks really relieved and a little teary-eyed. Damn quiche eater. He tells Hurley to stay put on the beach because they are almost at the radio tower and it is safer for them there. Hurley says he will stay there until Jack "phones home." Heh. I heart Hurley! And I am so glad that freaking ridiculous van episode wasn't created for the sole purpose of torturing me. Or even if it was that they at least found a good use for it. Claire grabs the handset out of Jack's hand to ask, "What about Charlie? Did he make it back yet?" Hurley says no, but that he is sure they are paddling home right now.

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